All games from WS/MN/16 with status Finished


Potrata, JankoDibley, E. Shane Black wins 2/1/2007 Go to game
Nocci, RobertoPotrata, Janko Black wins 1/23/2007 Go to game
Potrata, JankoManole, Gheorghe Draw 12/27/2007 Go to game
Murden, ClivePotrata, Janko White wins 1/20/2007 Go to game
Potrata, JankoWhite, David V. Draw 12/12/2006 Go to game
Cijs, Peter J. G.Potrata, Janko White wins 12/8/2006 Go to game
Potrata, JankoCarbajal, Carlos Raúl White wins 1/16/2008 Go to game
Bartsch, GerhardPotrata, Janko Draw 1/28/2007 Go to game
Potrata, JankoWołochowicz, Piotr Draw 5/22/2007 Go to game
Leben, DušanPotrata, Janko Draw 12/9/2007 Go to game
Potrata, JankoZelovic, Vojo Draw 12/2/2006 Go to game
Bandelj, MirkoPotrata, Janko Draw 11/26/2006 Go to game
Dibley, E. ShaneNocci, Roberto White wins 1/12/2007 Go to game
Manole, GheorgheDibley, E. Shane Draw 8/1/2007 Go to game
Dibley, E. ShaneMurden, Clive Draw 4/20/2007 Go to game
White, David V.Dibley, E. Shane Draw 12/28/2006 Go to game
Dibley, E. ShaneCijs, Peter J. G. Draw 3/4/2007 Go to game
Carbajal, Carlos RaúlDibley, E. Shane Draw 4/30/2007 Go to game
Dibley, E. ShaneBartsch, Gerhard White wins 2/14/2007 Go to game
Wołochowicz, PiotrDibley, E. Shane Draw 4/27/2007 Go to game
Dibley, E. ShaneLeben, Dušan White wins 11/1/2007 Go to game
Zelovic, VojoDibley, E. Shane Draw 12/21/2006 Go to game
Dibley, E. ShaneBandelj, Mirko Draw 12/21/2006 Go to game
Nocci, RobertoManole, Gheorghe Black wins 9/17/2007 Go to game
Murden, CliveNocci, Roberto Draw 6/23/2007 Go to game
Nocci, RobertoWhite, David V. Draw 2/7/2007 Go to game
Cijs, Peter J. G.Nocci, Roberto Draw 3/1/2007 Go to game
Nocci, RobertoCarbajal, Carlos Raúl Draw 5/8/2007 Go to game
Bartsch, GerhardNocci, Roberto White wins 2/2/2007 Go to game
Nocci, RobertoWołochowicz, Piotr Draw 5/30/2007 Go to game
Leben, DušanNocci, Roberto Draw 9/27/2007 Go to game
Nocci, RobertoZelovic, Vojo White wins 5/10/2007 Go to game
Bandelj, MirkoNocci, Roberto White wins 12/15/2006 Go to game
Manole, GheorgheMurden, Clive Black wins 9/25/2008 Go to game
White, David V.Manole, Gheorghe Draw 9/16/2007 Go to game
Manole, GheorgheCijs, Peter J. G. Black wins 3/27/2008 Go to game
Carbajal, Carlos RaúlManole, Gheorghe Draw 9/17/2007 Go to game
Manole, GheorgheBartsch, Gerhard Draw 11/21/2007 Go to game
Wołochowicz, PiotrManole, Gheorghe Black wins 6/1/2007 Go to game
Manole, GheorgheLeben, Dušan Black wins 3/27/2008 Go to game
Zelovic, VojoManole, Gheorghe Draw 11/13/2007 Go to game
Manole, GheorgheBandelj, Mirko Draw 5/21/2008 Go to game
Murden, CliveWhite, David V. White wins 1/3/2008 Go to game
Cijs, Peter J. G.Murden, Clive Draw 3/18/2007 Go to game
Murden, CliveCarbajal, Carlos Raúl Draw 5/17/2007 Go to game
Bartsch, GerhardMurden, Clive Black wins 8/31/2007 Go to game
Murden, CliveWołochowicz, Piotr White wins 9/23/2007 Go to game
Leben, DušanMurden, Clive White wins 1/21/2008 Go to game
Murden, CliveZelovic, Vojo Draw 2/9/2007 Go to game
Bandelj, MirkoMurden, Clive Draw 2/28/2007 Go to game


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