All games from 4. Schweizer Fernschach Open Final with status Finished


Sueess, FranzKiller, Oliver Draw 10/26/2022 Go to game
Seidl, AlbertSueess, Franz Draw 6/21/2022 Go to game
Sueess, FranzWölfelschneider, Peter Draw 9/4/2022 Go to game
Baumann, Walter (jun)Sueess, Franz Draw 10/27/2022 Go to game
Sueess, FranzZülle, Bruno White wins 11/1/2022 Go to game
Egger, RetoSueess, Franz Draw 6/26/2022 Go to game
Sueess, FranzHaller, Philipp Draw 7/18/2022 Go to game
Milde, LarsSueess, Franz Draw 7/27/2022 Go to game
Killer, OliverSeidl, Albert Draw 11/19/2022 Go to game
Wölfelschneider, PeterKiller, Oliver Draw 12/19/2022 Go to game
Killer, OliverBaumann, Walter (jun) Draw 6/4/2023 Go to game
Zülle, BrunoKiller, Oliver Black wins 1/19/2023 Go to game
Killer, OliverEgger, Reto Draw 12/13/2022 Go to game
Haller, PhilippKiller, Oliver Draw 1/8/2023 Go to game
Killer, OliverMilde, Lars Draw 1/27/2023 Go to game
Seidl, AlbertWölfelschneider, Peter Draw 9/3/2022 Go to game
Baumann, Walter (jun)Seidl, Albert Draw 8/24/2022 Go to game
Seidl, AlbertZülle, Bruno White wins 10/24/2022 Go to game
Egger, RetoSeidl, Albert Draw 8/2/2022 Go to game
Seidl, AlbertHaller, Philipp Draw 7/29/2022 Go to game
Milde, LarsSeidl, Albert Draw 6/22/2022 Go to game
Wölfelschneider, PeterBaumann, Walter (jun) White wins 3/18/2023 Go to game
Zülle, BrunoWölfelschneider, Peter Black wins 1/19/2023 Go to game
Wölfelschneider, PeterEgger, Reto Draw 9/2/2022 Go to game
Haller, PhilippWölfelschneider, Peter Black wins 11/19/2022 Go to game
Wölfelschneider, PeterMilde, Lars Draw 8/19/2022 Go to game
Baumann, Walter (jun)Zülle, Bruno Draw 1/15/2023 Go to game
Egger, RetoBaumann, Walter (jun) White wins 3/22/2023 Go to game
Baumann, Walter (jun)Haller, Philipp White wins 1/10/2023 Go to game
Milde, LarsBaumann, Walter (jun) Draw 9/26/2022 Go to game
Zülle, BrunoEgger, Reto Draw 1/11/2023 Go to game
Haller, PhilippZülle, Bruno Draw 11/18/2022 Go to game
Zülle, BrunoMilde, Lars Black wins 10/26/2022 Go to game
Egger, RetoHaller, Philipp Draw 8/10/2022 Go to game
Milde, LarsEgger, Reto Draw 8/2/2022 Go to game
Haller, PhilippMilde, Lars Draw 8/13/2022 Go to game

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