All games from 60yearsBdF-WS35 with status Finished


Khokhlov, IgorPfiffner, Peter Draw 12/16/2007 Go to game
Kaźmierczuk, ZenonKhokhlov, Igor Draw 4/24/2007 Go to game
Khokhlov, IgorGalanov, Sergey Igorevich Draw 1/15/2008 Go to game
Fichtner, BerndKhokhlov, Igor Draw 5/2/2007 Go to game
Khokhlov, IgorNestianu, Romeo-Andrei White wins 7/15/2007 Go to game
Taulien, Hans-JürgenKhokhlov, Igor White wins 6/10/2007 Go to game
Khokhlov, IgorHeimonen, Arto White wins 1/2/2008 Go to game
Stoyanov, ZlatinKhokhlov, Igor Black wins 6/23/2007 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterKaźmierczuk, Zenon White wins 5/26/2008 Go to game
Galanov, Sergey IgorevichPfiffner, Peter White wins 1/16/2008 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterFichtner, Bernd Draw 4/24/2007 Go to game
Nestianu, Romeo-AndreiPfiffner, Peter Draw 9/5/2007 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterTaulien, Hans-Jürgen White wins 10/2/2007 Go to game
Heimonen, ArtoPfiffner, Peter Black wins 4/11/2008 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterStoyanov, Zlatin White wins 6/10/2007 Go to game
Kaźmierczuk, ZenonGalanov, Sergey Igorevich Draw 4/8/2007 Go to game
Fichtner, BerndKaźmierczuk, Zenon Draw 4/27/2007 Go to game
Kaźmierczuk, ZenonNestianu, Romeo-Andrei Draw 4/25/2007 Go to game
Taulien, Hans-JürgenKaźmierczuk, Zenon White wins 1/1/2008 Go to game
Kaźmierczuk, ZenonHeimonen, Arto White wins 9/10/2008 Go to game
Stoyanov, ZlatinKaźmierczuk, Zenon White wins 5/19/2007 Go to game
Galanov, Sergey IgorevichFichtner, Bernd White wins 11/20/2007 Go to game
Nestianu, Romeo-AndreiGalanov, Sergey Igorevich Draw 4/30/2007 Go to game
Galanov, Sergey IgorevichTaulien, Hans-Jürgen Draw 7/24/2007 Go to game
Heimonen, ArtoGalanov, Sergey Igorevich Black wins 10/17/2007 Go to game
Galanov, Sergey IgorevichStoyanov, Zlatin White wins 6/4/2007 Go to game
Fichtner, BerndNestianu, Romeo-Andrei White wins 8/2/2007 Go to game
Taulien, Hans-JürgenFichtner, Bernd Draw 12/17/2006 Go to game
Fichtner, BerndHeimonen, Arto Draw 4/4/2007 Go to game
Stoyanov, ZlatinFichtner, Bernd Draw 1/18/2007 Go to game
Nestianu, Romeo-AndreiTaulien, Hans-Jürgen Black wins 6/11/2007 Go to game
Heimonen, ArtoNestianu, Romeo-Andrei Black wins 10/28/2007 Go to game
Nestianu, Romeo-AndreiStoyanov, Zlatin Draw 3/20/2007 Go to game
Taulien, Hans-JürgenHeimonen, Arto White wins 9/12/2007 Go to game
Stoyanov, ZlatinTaulien, Hans-Jürgen Black wins 5/4/2007 Go to game
Heimonen, ArtoStoyanov, Zlatin Draw 1/20/2007 Go to game

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