All games from Swiss system - KO Tournament 2022 Round 1/12 with status Finished


Elisei, BrunoLomberg, Sundeia Draw 5/17/2022 Go to game
Lomberg, SundeiaSande, Øystein White wins 6/22/2022 Go to game
Mouawad, GhassanLomberg, Sundeia Black wins 9/15/2022 Go to game
Endsley, Barry E.Lomberg, Sundeia White wins 6/9/2022 Go to game
Lomberg, SundeiaChalyi, Yevheniy Draw 5/4/2022 Go to game
Jørgensen, Poul ErikLomberg, Sundeia White wins 5/26/2022 Go to game
Lomberg, SundeiaBecker, Axel Draw 6/11/2022 Go to game
Campani, PaoloLomberg, Sundeia White wins 6/13/2022 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikElisei, Bruno White wins 7/12/2022 Go to game
Sande, ØysteinÅberg, Lars-Erik Draw 6/25/2022 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikEndsley, Barry E. Draw 7/5/2022 Go to game
Chalyi, YevheniyÅberg, Lars-Erik Draw 8/5/2022 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikJørgensen, Poul Erik Draw 7/17/2022 Go to game
Elisei, BrunoSande, Øystein Black wins 6/21/2022 Go to game
Mouawad, GhassanElisei, Bruno Black wins 9/7/2022 Go to game
Elisei, BrunoCade, Steven Black wins 9/17/2022 Go to game
Endsley, Barry E.Elisei, Bruno White wins 7/12/2022 Go to game
Elisei, BrunoChalyi, Yevheniy Black wins 5/24/2022 Go to game
Jørgensen, Poul ErikElisei, Bruno White wins 7/3/2022 Go to game
Campani, PaoloElisei, Bruno White wins 6/26/2022 Go to game
Sande, ØysteinMouawad, Ghassan White wins 9/7/2022 Go to game
Sande, ØysteinEndsley, Barry E. Draw 4/28/2022 Go to game
Chalyi, YevheniySande, Øystein Draw 4/24/2022 Go to game
Sande, ØysteinJørgensen, Poul Erik Draw 5/26/2022 Go to game
Sande, ØysteinCampani, Paolo Black wins 5/30/2022 Go to game
Endsley, Barry E.Mouawad, Ghassan White wins 9/1/2022 Go to game
Mouawad, GhassanChalyi, Yevheniy Black wins 8/21/2022 Go to game
Jørgensen, Poul ErikMouawad, Ghassan White wins 10/5/2022 Go to game
Mouawad, GhassanBecker, Axel Black wins 9/3/2022 Go to game
Campani, PaoloMouawad, Ghassan White wins 7/19/2022 Go to game
Cade, StevenEndsley, Barry E. Draw 6/23/2022 Go to game
Chalyi, YevheniyCade, Steven Draw 6/15/2022 Go to game
Cade, StevenCampani, Paolo Draw 9/28/2022 Go to game
Endsley, Barry E.Chalyi, Yevheniy Draw 4/23/2022 Go to game
Jørgensen, Poul ErikEndsley, Barry E. Draw 4/30/2022 Go to game
Endsley, Barry E.Becker, Axel Draw 6/17/2022 Go to game
Campani, PaoloEndsley, Barry E. Draw 5/2/2022 Go to game
Chalyi, YevheniyJørgensen, Poul Erik Draw 4/10/2022 Go to game
Becker, AxelChalyi, Yevheniy White wins 8/21/2022 Go to game
Chalyi, YevheniyCampani, Paolo Draw 4/11/2022 Go to game
Campani, PaoloJørgensen, Poul Erik Draw 5/28/2022 Go to game
Becker, AxelCampani, Paolo Draw 9/16/2022 Go to game

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