All games from SCCA League Div 1 2022 Board 3 with status Finished


Graterol, ServeliónBangalore, Prasad White wins 5/29/2022 Go to game
Sutton, Alan B.Graterol, Servelión Draw 6/18/2022 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónEwan, Rod Draw 6/20/2022 Go to game
Price, DerekGraterol, Servelión Black wins 9/23/2022 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 6/23/2022 Go to game
Bangalore, PrasadSutton, Alan B. Draw 8/10/2022 Go to game
Ewan, RodBangalore, Prasad White wins 3/23/2022 Go to game
Bangalore, PrasadPrice, Derek Black wins 3/21/2022 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Bangalore, Prasad White wins 8/19/2022 Go to game
Sutton, Alan B.Ewan, Rod Draw 4/5/2022 Go to game
Price, DerekSutton, Alan B. Draw 3/20/2022 Go to game
Sutton, Alan B.Weber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 7/20/2022 Go to game
Ewan, RodPrice, Derek White wins 4/14/2022 Go to game
Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.Ewan, Rod Draw 4/22/2022 Go to game
Price, DerekWeber-Widmer, Daniel A. Draw 3/24/2022 Go to game

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