All games from WS/O/1389 with status Finished


Röhrig, UweLagergren, Henry White wins 5/3/2022 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryBožić, Deni Black wins 12/24/2021 Go to game
Shtrikman, RonenLagergren, Henry Black wins 12/7/2021 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryManarin, Franco Draw 1/20/2022 Go to game
Cirrito, MassimoLagergren, Henry Draw 1/25/2022 Go to game
Altamirano Arteaga, EdgarRöhrig, Uwe Draw 3/31/2022 Go to game
Altamirano Arteaga, EdgarShtrikman, Ronen White wins 2/26/2022 Go to game
Manarin, FrancoAltamirano Arteaga, Edgar Draw 4/26/2022 Go to game
Röhrig, UweBožić, Deni Draw 4/30/2022 Go to game
Shtrikman, RonenRöhrig, Uwe Black wins 2/13/2022 Go to game
Röhrig, UweManarin, Franco Black wins 1/30/2022 Go to game
Božić, DeniShtrikman, Ronen White wins 11/25/2021 Go to game
Manarin, FrancoBožić, Deni Draw 2/16/2022 Go to game
Shtrikman, RonenManarin, Franco Black wins 11/28/2021 Go to game
Cirrito, MassimoShtrikman, Ronen White wins 12/15/2021 Go to game
Manarin, FrancoCirrito, Massimo White wins 1/16/2022 Go to game

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