All games from 1st World Team Cup 1R Benelux-Brazil with status Finished


Caron, Sérgio ValladaresKuiper, Jacques Draw 8/22/2021 Go to game
Kuiper, JacquesCaron, Sérgio Valladares Draw 9/1/2021 Go to game
Bastos, Paulo Rúbio LeiteBleker, Frits Draw 9/8/2021 Go to game
Fuzishawa, Richard MitsuoSchuller, Jean-Claude Draw 9/26/2021 Go to game
Unen, J. Hans vanMesquita Jr., Fausto Monteiro Draw 10/20/2021 Go to game
Pereira, Nilson José EspindolaMignon, Frédéric Draw 8/27/2021 Go to game
Mignon, FrédéricPereira, Nilson José Espindola Draw 8/26/2021 Go to game
Sánchez, Milton GonçalvesKlauner, Thed Draw 10/17/2021 Go to game
Felício, ClairtonObertin, Frank Draw 10/16/2021 Go to game
Obertin, FrankFelício, Clairton Draw 9/27/2021 Go to game
Reis, César Roberto da SilvaVan Habberney, Guy Draw 9/7/2021 Go to game
Van Habberney, GuyReis, César Roberto da Silva Draw 9/7/2021 Go to game
Neves, Bianor de OliveiraLeroy, Jacques Draw 9/12/2021 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesNeves, Bianor de Oliveira Draw 10/15/2021 Go to game
Matozo, Paulo AdrianoDespontin, Luc Draw 9/24/2021 Go to game
Despontin, LucMatozo, Paulo Adriano Draw 9/24/2021 Go to game
Barata, AdrianoSchreuders, Arjo Draw 10/10/2021 Go to game
Schreuders, ArjoBarata, Adriano Draw 10/18/2021 Go to game
Tafner, EdsonEijkenboom, Raph Draw 9/27/2021 Go to game
Eijkenboom, RaphTafner, Edson White wins 10/15/2021 Go to game

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