All games from 7th Japan Webserver Championship with status Finished


Tago, ShunnichiSchmidt, Loren R. Black wins 6/12/2021 Go to game
Tomizawa, TakanoriTago, Shunnichi White wins 5/31/2021 Go to game
Tago, ShunnichiSaitou, Atsushi Black wins 7/11/2021 Go to game
Takahashi, YoshihiroTago, Shunnichi White wins 8/19/2021 Go to game
Tago, ShunnichiHuzita, Sadayuki Black wins 7/11/2021 Go to game
Uchikura, NobuoTago, Shunnichi White wins 6/16/2021 Go to game
Tago, ShunnichiHarada, Masaaki Black wins 7/22/2021 Go to game
Tanabe, KoumeiTago, Shunnichi White wins 8/11/2021 Go to game
Schmidt, Loren R.Tomizawa, Takanori White wins 10/3/2021 Go to game
Saitou, AtsushiSchmidt, Loren R. Draw 7/26/2021 Go to game
Schmidt, Loren R.Takahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 7/27/2021 Go to game
Huzita, SadayukiSchmidt, Loren R. Draw 10/17/2021 Go to game
Schmidt, Loren R.Uchikura, Nobuo Draw 10/7/2021 Go to game
Harada, MasaakiSchmidt, Loren R. Black wins 4/30/2021 Go to game
Schmidt, Loren R.Tanabe, Koumei White wins 11/25/2021 Go to game
Tomizawa, TakanoriSaitou, Atsushi Draw 7/6/2021 Go to game
Takahashi, YoshihiroTomizawa, Takanori Black wins 6/17/2021 Go to game
Tomizawa, TakanoriHuzita, Sadayuki Draw 8/31/2021 Go to game
Tomizawa, TakanoriHarada, Masaaki White wins 4/30/2021 Go to game
Tanabe, KoumeiTomizawa, Takanori Draw 10/30/2021 Go to game
Saitou, AtsushiTakahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 8/7/2021 Go to game
Huzita, SadayukiSaitou, Atsushi White wins 8/31/2021 Go to game
Saitou, AtsushiUchikura, Nobuo Draw 7/23/2021 Go to game
Harada, MasaakiSaitou, Atsushi Draw 7/12/2021 Go to game
Saitou, AtsushiTanabe, Koumei White wins 9/20/2021 Go to game
Takahashi, YoshihiroHuzita, Sadayuki Black wins 8/16/2021 Go to game
Uchikura, NobuoTakahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 7/23/2021 Go to game
Takahashi, YoshihiroHarada, Masaaki Black wins 5/27/2021 Go to game
Tanabe, KoumeiTakahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 7/14/2021 Go to game
Huzita, SadayukiUchikura, Nobuo Draw 10/7/2021 Go to game
Harada, MasaakiHuzita, Sadayuki Black wins 7/9/2021 Go to game
Huzita, SadayukiTanabe, Koumei White wins 9/29/2021 Go to game
Uchikura, NobuoHarada, Masaaki White wins 8/23/2021 Go to game
Harada, MasaakiTanabe, Koumei Draw 9/10/2021 Go to game

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