All games from WS/H/825 with status Finished


Matijošius, VytautasDi Peco, Diego Draw 5/18/2021 Go to game
Ruiz Blanco, JavierMatijošius, Vytautas Black wins 4/19/2021 Go to game
Matijošius, VytautasManarin, Franco Draw 7/6/2021 Go to game
Blittkowsky, RalfMatijošius, Vytautas Draw 3/17/2021 Go to game
Matijošius, VytautasDąbrowski, Jarosław White wins 8/4/2021 Go to game
Slyusar, VolodymyrMatijošius, Vytautas Draw 4/5/2021 Go to game
Di Peco, DiegoRuiz Blanco, Javier White wins 7/31/2021 Go to game
Manarin, FrancoDi Peco, Diego Draw 7/15/2021 Go to game
Di Peco, DiegoBlittkowsky, Ralf Draw 6/23/2021 Go to game
Dąbrowski, JarosławDi Peco, Diego Draw 10/3/2021 Go to game
Di Peco, DiegoSlyusar, Volodymyr Draw 4/11/2021 Go to game
Ruiz Blanco, JavierManarin, Franco Draw 5/10/2021 Go to game
Blittkowsky, RalfRuiz Blanco, Javier White wins 6/18/2021 Go to game
Ruiz Blanco, JavierDąbrowski, Jarosław Draw 11/27/2021 Go to game
Slyusar, VolodymyrRuiz Blanco, Javier White wins 5/27/2021 Go to game
Manarin, FrancoBlittkowsky, Ralf Draw 5/9/2021 Go to game
Dąbrowski, JarosławManarin, Franco Draw 8/19/2021 Go to game
Manarin, FrancoSlyusar, Volodymyr Black wins 6/6/2021 Go to game
Slyusar, VolodymyrBlittkowsky, Ralf Draw 5/12/2021 Go to game

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