All games from CAPEA 50th Annyversary - Open - Preliminar10 with status Finished


Albano Rivares, FernandoBoudey, Simon Draw 6/5/2021 Go to game
Vegjeleki, AdolfAlbano Rivares, Fernando White wins 1/16/2021 Go to game
Albano Rivares, FernandoHausdorf, Heinz Draw 1/4/2021 Go to game
Bruce, RobertAlbano Rivares, Fernando Draw 2/28/2021 Go to game
Albano Rivares, FernandoNikolajevic, Tihomir White wins 6/15/2021 Go to game
Sazonov, NikolajAlbano Rivares, Fernando Draw 8/12/2021 Go to game
Albano Rivares, FernandoCsiba, Tibor Draw 7/15/2021 Go to game
Horn, SvenAlbano Rivares, Fernando White wins 1/8/2021 Go to game
Boudey, SimonVegjeleki, Adolf White wins 4/24/2021 Go to game
Hausdorf, HeinzBoudey, Simon Draw 5/8/2021 Go to game
Boudey, SimonBruce, Robert White wins 6/20/2021 Go to game
Nikolajevic, TihomirBoudey, Simon White wins 2/11/2022 Go to game
Boudey, SimonSazonov, Nikolaj White wins 12/18/2021 Go to game
Csiba, TiborBoudey, Simon Draw 10/10/2021 Go to game
Boudey, SimonHorn, Sven Draw 4/7/2021 Go to game
Vegjeleki, AdolfHausdorf, Heinz Draw 1/8/2021 Go to game
Bruce, RobertVegjeleki, Adolf Draw 3/8/2021 Go to game
Vegjeleki, AdolfNikolajevic, Tihomir Black wins 2/26/2021 Go to game
Sazonov, NikolajVegjeleki, Adolf Black wins 10/9/2021 Go to game
Vegjeleki, AdolfCsiba, Tibor Draw 9/1/2021 Go to game
Horn, SvenVegjeleki, Adolf White wins 2/9/2021 Go to game
Hausdorf, HeinzBruce, Robert Draw 1/20/2021 Go to game
Nikolajevic, TihomirHausdorf, Heinz Draw 1/28/2021 Go to game
Hausdorf, HeinzSazonov, Nikolaj White wins 8/19/2021 Go to game
Csiba, TiborHausdorf, Heinz White wins 8/19/2021 Go to game
Hausdorf, HeinzHorn, Sven Draw 1/22/2021 Go to game
Bruce, RobertNikolajevic, Tihomir Draw 5/14/2021 Go to game
Sazonov, NikolajBruce, Robert Black wins 9/2/2021 Go to game
Bruce, RobertCsiba, Tibor Black wins 7/20/2021 Go to game
Horn, SvenBruce, Robert White wins 2/5/2021 Go to game
Nikolajevic, TihomirSazonov, Nikolaj White wins 11/5/2021 Go to game
Csiba, TiborNikolajevic, Tihomir White wins 10/22/2021 Go to game
Nikolajevic, TihomirHorn, Sven Black wins 5/10/2021 Go to game
Sazonov, NikolajCsiba, Tibor Draw by adjudication 5/24/2022 Go to game
Horn, SvenSazonov, Nikolaj White wins 8/19/2021 Go to game
Csiba, TiborHorn, Sven Draw 9/1/2021 Go to game

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