All games from 2nd Webchess Open Tournament group 26 with status Finished


Fekih, BrahimEbert, Jürgen Draw 3/8/2007 Go to game
Chomicki, HenrykFekih, Brahim White wins 8/24/2007 Go to game
Fekih, BrahimMamonovas, Viktoras Black wins 3/24/2007 Go to game
Ramírez Moyano, LeandroFekih, Brahim Black wins 6/1/2008 Go to game
Fekih, BrahimCarnemolla, Giampaolo White wins 10/30/2007 Go to game
Pekař, JozefFekih, Brahim Draw 5/12/2008 Go to game
Ebert, JürgenChomicki, Henryk Draw 12/26/2006 Go to game
Mamonovas, ViktorasEbert, Jürgen Draw 1/24/2007 Go to game
Ebert, JürgenRamírez Moyano, Leandro White wins 3/20/2007 Go to game
Carnemolla, GiampaoloEbert, Jürgen Black wins 5/12/2007 Go to game
Ebert, JürgenPekař, Jozef White wins 2/24/2007 Go to game
Chomicki, HenrykMamonovas, Viktoras Draw 11/27/2006 Go to game
Ramírez Moyano, LeandroChomicki, Henryk Black wins 6/25/2007 Go to game
Chomicki, HenrykCarnemolla, Giampaolo White wins 8/5/2006 Go to game
Pekař, JozefChomicki, Henryk Black wins 4/17/2007 Go to game
Mamonovas, ViktorasRamírez Moyano, Leandro White wins 1/9/2007 Go to game
Carnemolla, GiampaoloMamonovas, Viktoras Black wins 10/23/2006 Go to game
Mamonovas, ViktorasPekař, Jozef White wins 4/17/2007 Go to game
Ramírez Moyano, LeandroCarnemolla, Giampaolo Black wins 5/30/2007 Go to game
Pekař, JozefRamírez Moyano, Leandro White wins 12/3/2007 Go to game
Carnemolla, GiampaoloPekař, Jozef White wins 1/29/2007 Go to game

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