All games from WS/O/1280 with status Finished


Takahashi, YoshihiroBellisario, Carlo Draw 1/7/2021 Go to game
Banks, GeoffTakahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 2/18/2021 Go to game
Takahashi, YoshihiroCalkins, Donn Black wins 6/29/2021 Go to game
Adrian, SoareTakahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 3/10/2021 Go to game
Takahashi, YoshihiroHeyser, Doak Black wins 2/18/2021 Go to game
Raposo, Luiz EduardoTakahashi, Yoshihiro White wins 1/9/2021 Go to game
Bellisario, CarloBanks, Geoff Black wins 2/19/2021 Go to game
Calkins, DonnBellisario, Carlo White wins 4/6/2021 Go to game
Bellisario, CarloAdrian, Soare Black wins 11/26/2020 Go to game
Heyser, DoakBellisario, Carlo White wins 12/12/2020 Go to game
Bellisario, CarloRaposo, Luiz Eduardo Black wins 12/5/2020 Go to game
Banks, GeoffCalkins, Donn Draw 6/22/2021 Go to game
Adrian, SoareBanks, Geoff White wins 5/13/2021 Go to game
Banks, GeoffHeyser, Doak Black wins 3/2/2021 Go to game
Raposo, Luiz EduardoBanks, Geoff White wins 3/20/2021 Go to game
Calkins, DonnAdrian, Soare Draw 4/9/2021 Go to game
Heyser, DoakCalkins, Donn White wins 6/4/2021 Go to game
Calkins, DonnRaposo, Luiz Eduardo White wins 4/30/2021 Go to game
Adrian, SoareHeyser, Doak Draw 1/10/2021 Go to game
Raposo, Luiz EduardoAdrian, Soare White wins 1/31/2021 Go to game
Heyser, DoakRaposo, Luiz Eduardo White wins 5/25/2021 Go to game

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