All games from WS/H/804 with status Finished


Mirra, TheodoreLewis, Cannada Draw 9/27/2020 Go to game
Lewis, CannadaDam, Joost van Draw 11/29/2020 Go to game
Nordin, NilsLewis, Cannada Black wins 10/12/2020 Go to game
Lewis, CannadaRabczewski, Adam White wins 10/11/2020 Go to game
Wadle, Michael HeinzLewis, Cannada Black wins 4/1/2021 Go to game
Bourgault, JulienMirra, Theodore Black wins 4/3/2021 Go to game
Dam, Joost vanBourgault, Julien Draw 3/28/2021 Go to game
Bourgault, JulienNordin, Nils Draw 3/3/2021 Go to game
Rabczewski, AdamBourgault, Julien Draw 10/15/2020 Go to game
Bourgault, JulienWadle, Michael Heinz White wins 3/3/2021 Go to game
Mirra, TheodoreDam, Joost van White wins 3/6/2021 Go to game
Nordin, NilsMirra, Theodore Black wins 10/5/2020 Go to game
Mirra, TheodoreRabczewski, Adam White wins 9/29/2020 Go to game
Wadle, Michael HeinzMirra, Theodore Draw 9/27/2020 Go to game
Dam, Joost vanNordin, Nils Draw 10/3/2020 Go to game
Rabczewski, AdamDam, Joost van Draw 4/20/2021 Go to game
Dam, Joost vanWadle, Michael Heinz Draw 4/26/2021 Go to game
Nordin, NilsRabczewski, Adam Draw 10/18/2020 Go to game
Wadle, Michael HeinzNordin, Nils Draw 10/11/2020 Go to game
Rabczewski, AdamWadle, Michael Heinz Black wins 1/6/2021 Go to game

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