All games from ICCF World Cup 23 Pre 37 with status Finished


Barkov, Kirill GennadievichSzymański, Robert Draw 1/15/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenBarkov, Kirill Gennadievich Draw 2/4/2021 Go to game
Barkov, Kirill GennadievichZylla, Johannes Draw 5/13/2021 Go to game
Toma, RudolfBarkov, Kirill Gennadievich Draw 3/30/2021 Go to game
Barkov, Kirill GennadievichSpeisser, Patrick Draw 10/27/2020 Go to game
Tsuprik, AleksandrBarkov, Kirill Gennadievich Draw 2/21/2021 Go to game
Barkov, Kirill GennadievichGarus, Edward Draw 3/26/2021 Go to game
Ohera, DrahomírBarkov, Kirill Gennadievich Black wins 6/25/2021 Go to game
Barkov, Kirill GennadievichHjorth, Jesper White wins 3/15/2021 Go to game
Huff, David C.Barkov, Kirill Gennadievich Black wins 11/26/2020 Go to game
Szymański, RobertSherwood, Helen White wins 7/1/2021 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesSzymański, Robert Black wins 2/26/2022 Go to game
Szymański, RobertToma, Rudolf Draw 6/30/2021 Go to game
Speisser, PatrickSzymański, Robert Draw 12/24/2020 Go to game
Szymański, RobertTsuprik, Aleksandr Draw 1/27/2021 Go to game
Garus, EdwardSzymański, Robert Draw 4/18/2021 Go to game
Szymański, RobertOhera, Drahomír White wins 2/16/2021 Go to game
Hjorth, JesperSzymański, Robert Black wins 8/1/2021 Go to game
Szymański, RobertHuff, David C. White wins 1/8/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenZylla, Johannes Draw 5/25/2022 Go to game
Toma, RudolfSherwood, Helen Draw 12/27/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenSpeisser, Patrick Draw 4/20/2021 Go to game
Tsuprik, AleksandrSherwood, Helen Draw 5/1/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenGarus, Edward Draw 4/10/2022 Go to game
Ohera, DrahomírSherwood, Helen Black wins 6/29/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenHjorth, Jesper White wins 10/1/2021 Go to game
Huff, David C.Sherwood, Helen Black wins 12/20/2020 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesToma, Rudolf Draw 2/12/2022 Go to game
Speisser, PatrickZylla, Johannes Draw 7/4/2021 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesTsuprik, Aleksandr Draw 8/30/2021 Go to game
Garus, EdwardZylla, Johannes Draw 3/7/2021 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesOhera, Drahomír White wins 10/10/2021 Go to game
Hjorth, JesperZylla, Johannes Black wins 10/13/2021 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesHuff, David C. Draw 7/13/2021 Go to game
Toma, RudolfSpeisser, Patrick Draw 3/14/2021 Go to game
Tsuprik, AleksandrToma, Rudolf Draw 8/29/2021 Go to game
Toma, RudolfGarus, Edward Draw 1/15/2022 Go to game
Ohera, DrahomírToma, Rudolf Black wins 6/29/2021 Go to game
Toma, RudolfHjorth, Jesper White wins 9/20/2021 Go to game
Huff, David C.Toma, Rudolf Black wins 3/25/2021 Go to game
Speisser, PatrickTsuprik, Aleksandr Draw 11/4/2020 Go to game
Garus, EdwardSpeisser, Patrick Draw 3/6/2021 Go to game
Speisser, PatrickOhera, Drahomír White wins 5/10/2021 Go to game
Hjorth, JesperSpeisser, Patrick Black wins 5/26/2021 Go to game
Speisser, PatrickHuff, David C. White wins 11/8/2020 Go to game
Tsuprik, AleksandrGarus, Edward White wins 4/10/2021 Go to game
Ohera, DrahomírTsuprik, Aleksandr Black wins 8/29/2021 Go to game
Tsuprik, AleksandrHjorth, Jesper White wins 8/9/2021 Go to game
Huff, David C.Tsuprik, Aleksandr Draw 10/27/2020 Go to game
Garus, EdwardOhera, Drahomír White wins 7/19/2021 Go to game


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