All games from Wales v England Chess 960 Friendly with status Finished


Graham, OliverSherwood, Russell Black wins 5/2/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellGraham, Oliver Draw 7/12/2021 Go to game
Pope, PaulSherwood, Russell Black wins 11/13/2020 Go to game
Sherwood, RussellPope, Paul White wins 12/9/2020 Go to game
Bailey, Matthew W.Sherwood, Helen Draw 1/26/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenBailey, Matthew W. Draw 1/31/2021 Go to game
Evans, JoyceSherwood, Helen Black wins 10/24/2020 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenEvans, Joyce White wins 10/20/2020 Go to game
Craven, ValerieSherwood, Alexander Black wins 5/9/2021 Go to game
Sherwood, AlexanderCraven, Valerie White wins 5/9/2021 Go to game
White, RichardSherwood, Alexander Black wins 11/24/2020 Go to game
Sherwood, AlexanderWhite, Richard White wins 11/1/2020 Go to game
Hollands, George Jones, Rhys Black wins 7/12/2021 Go to game
Jones, RhysHollands, George White wins 2/18/2021 Go to game
Jones, MalcolmJones, Rhys Black wins 10/17/2020 Go to game
Jones, RhysJones, Malcolm White wins 10/17/2020 Go to game
Ruffle, AlanJones, Gareth Black wins 10/17/2020 Go to game
Jones, GarethRuffle, Alan White wins 10/12/2020 Go to game
Nielsen, AlexJones, Gareth Black wins 1/11/2021 Go to game
Jones, GarethNielsen, Alex White wins 2/26/2021 Go to game
Selvan, AjayJones, Gareth Black wins 1/3/2021 Go to game
Jones, GarethSelvan, Ajay White wins 10/3/2020 Go to game
Culliford, David J.Allen, Edwin Black wins 10/22/2020 Go to game
Allen, EdwinCulliford, David J. White wins 10/4/2020 Go to game
Dolan, RaymondGuy, David T. Black wins 10/15/2020 Go to game
Guy, David T.Dolan, Raymond White wins 10/1/2020 Go to game
Mendis, TenukGuy, David T. White defaulted 1/14/2021 Go to game
Guy, David T.Mendis, Tenuk Black defaulted 1/14/2021 Go to game

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