All games from WS/H/779 with status Finished


Lagergren, HenryWiesinger, Johann Draw 10/1/2020 Go to game
Lipsits, SashaLagergren, Henry White wins 7/8/2020 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryDellenbach, Jean Paul Draw 7/13/2020 Go to game
Tozzi, TullioLagergren, Henry White wins 7/17/2020 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryMichaud, François Draw 5/27/2020 Go to game
Apshankar, Kapil ShripadLagergren, Henry White wins 7/20/2020 Go to game
Wiesinger, JohannLipsits, Sasha Draw 10/26/2020 Go to game
Dellenbach, Jean PaulWiesinger, Johann Draw 9/6/2020 Go to game
Wiesinger, JohannTozzi, Tullio Draw 7/12/2021 Go to game
Michaud, FrançoisWiesinger, Johann White wins 11/1/2020 Go to game
Lipsits, SashaDellenbach, Jean Paul Draw 7/26/2020 Go to game
Tozzi, TullioLipsits, Sasha Draw 7/2/2020 Go to game
Lipsits, SashaMichaud, François Draw 6/27/2020 Go to game
Apshankar, Kapil ShripadLipsits, Sasha White wins 10/12/2020 Go to game
Dellenbach, Jean PaulTozzi, Tullio Draw 7/1/2020 Go to game
Michaud, FrançoisDellenbach, Jean Paul Draw 6/18/2020 Go to game
Dellenbach, Jean PaulApshankar, Kapil Shripad Black wins 12/12/2020 Go to game
Tozzi, TullioMichaud, François White wins 6/24/2020 Go to game
Apshankar, Kapil ShripadTozzi, Tullio Draw 1/5/2021 Go to game
Michaud, FrançoisApshankar, Kapil Shripad Draw 5/14/2020 Go to game

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