All games from WZ Promotion - Higher Class/20 with status Finished


Haase, F. PhilipDiPietra, Ronald Black wins 5/19/2020 Go to game
Fuller, TomHaase, F. Philip Draw 5/19/2020 Go to game
Haase, F. PhilipJarmuz, Frederick Black wins 5/19/2020 Go to game
Jones, CaseyHaase, F. Philip Draw 7/13/2020 Go to game
Haase, F. PhilipDobroruka, Vicente Black wins 5/10/2020 Go to game
Berthelot, PaulHaase, F. Philip White wins 3/21/2020 Go to game
DiPietra, RonaldFuller, Tom Draw 5/17/2020 Go to game
Jarmuz, FrederickDiPietra, Ronald Draw 7/2/2020 Go to game
DiPietra, RonaldJones, Casey Draw 4/27/2020 Go to game
Dobroruka, VicenteDiPietra, Ronald Draw 3/20/2020 Go to game
DiPietra, RonaldBerthelot, Paul Draw 5/6/2020 Go to game
Fuller, TomJarmuz, Frederick Draw 5/19/2020 Go to game
Jones, CaseyFuller, Tom Draw 8/3/2020 Go to game
Fuller, TomDobroruka, Vicente Draw 5/19/2020 Go to game
Berthelot, PaulFuller, Tom Draw 8/12/2020 Go to game
Jarmuz, FrederickJones, Casey Draw 7/7/2020 Go to game
Dobroruka, VicenteJarmuz, Frederick Draw 3/5/2020 Go to game
Jarmuz, FrederickBerthelot, Paul Draw 5/12/2020 Go to game
Jones, CaseyDobroruka, Vicente White wins 5/6/2020 Go to game
Berthelot, PaulJones, Casey Draw 3/4/2021 Go to game
Dobroruka, VicenteBerthelot, Paul Black wins 5/17/2020 Go to game

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