All games from First Welsh International Open, Preliminaries Section 3 with status Finished


Pirhot, Tri Darma YudhaBeckett, Phillip J. White wins 9/23/2020 Go to game
Coles, JonPirhot, Tri Darma Yudha Draw 7/7/2020 Go to game
Pirhot, Tri Darma YudhaKaczmarek, Robert Draw 6/14/2020 Go to game
Nopin, Vyacheslav MikhailovichPirhot, Tri Darma Yudha Draw 10/31/2020 Go to game
Pirhot, Tri Darma YudhaKrüger, Hilmar Draw 7/27/2020 Go to game
Muljadi, PaulPirhot, Tri Darma Yudha White wins 11/18/2021 Go to game
Beckett, Phillip J.Coles, Jon Draw 3/8/2020 Go to game
Kaczmarek, RobertBeckett, Phillip J. Draw 3/30/2020 Go to game
Beckett, Phillip J.Nopin, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Draw 4/29/2020 Go to game
Krüger, HilmarBeckett, Phillip J. White wins 5/12/2020 Go to game
Beckett, Phillip J.Muljadi, Paul Black wins 11/20/2020 Go to game
Coles, JonKaczmarek, Robert Draw 3/3/2020 Go to game
Nopin, Vyacheslav MikhailovichColes, Jon White wins 5/13/2020 Go to game
Coles, JonKrüger, Hilmar Draw 3/12/2020 Go to game
Muljadi, PaulColes, Jon Draw 1/1/2021 Go to game
Kaczmarek, RobertNopin, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Draw 3/21/2020 Go to game
Krüger, HilmarKaczmarek, Robert White wins 4/7/2020 Go to game
Kaczmarek, RobertMuljadi, Paul Draw 12/5/2020 Go to game
Nopin, Vyacheslav MikhailovichKrüger, Hilmar Draw 3/25/2020 Go to game
Muljadi, PaulNopin, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Draw 3/12/2021 Go to game
Krüger, HilmarMuljadi, Paul Draw 9/27/2020 Go to game

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