All games from EU Team Cup Quarterfinal Netherlands-Romania with status Finished


Sferle, MironKuiper, Jacques Draw 4/24/2020 Go to game
Kuiper, JacquesSferle, Miron Draw 4/18/2020 Go to game
Epure, Cristian-IonWilligen, Jan Willem van Draw 2/21/2020 Go to game
Willigen, Jan Willem vanEpure, Cristian-Ion Draw 2/16/2020 Go to game
Taras, IulianTienhoven, Richard M. van Draw 9/29/2020 Go to game
Tienhoven, Richard M. vanTaras, Iulian Draw 5/9/2020 Go to game
Pantazi, AdrianStigter, John Draw 4/6/2020 Go to game
Stigter, JohnPantazi, Adrian Draw 5/3/2020 Go to game
Ciucurel, Sorin-MariusBus, Tom Draw 2/29/2020 Go to game
Bus, TomCiucurel, Sorin-Marius Draw 2/28/2020 Go to game
Lakatos, StefanPoell, Johan H. M. Draw 6/23/2020 Go to game
Poell, Johan H. M.Lakatos, Stefan Draw 6/23/2020 Go to game
Tofan, Adrian IonKragten, Johannes Antonius White wins 8/17/2020 Go to game
Kragten, Johannes AntoniusTofan, Adrian Ion Draw 5/2/2020 Go to game
Enescu, ConstantinFrijling, Jeroen Draw 5/2/2020 Go to game
Frijling, JeroenEnescu, Constantin Draw 4/10/2020 Go to game
Necula, IulianSchulenberg, Henk A. T. Draw 3/25/2020 Go to game
Schulenberg, Henk A. T.Necula, Iulian Draw 3/23/2020 Go to game
Ristea, TudorSchreuders, Arjo Draw 3/18/2020 Go to game
Schreuders, ArjoRistea, Tudor Draw 3/21/2020 Go to game
Volovici, DanielVliet, Erik van Draw 4/13/2020 Go to game
Vliet, Erik vanVolovici, Daniel Draw 4/13/2020 Go to game
Matei, CornelBooij, Robert E. Draw 4/3/2020 Go to game
Booij, Robert E.Matei, Cornel Draw 4/11/2020 Go to game
Bobârnac, DorinRaan, Jos M. van Draw 4/24/2020 Go to game
Raan, Jos M. vanBobârnac, Dorin Draw 4/24/2020 Go to game
Rotaru, IonGroot, Peter J. A. Draw 5/22/2020 Go to game
Groot, Peter J. A.Rotaru, Ion White wins 5/22/2020 Go to game
Băluțescu, Mihail GoangăTanis, C. Kees White wins 8/13/2020 Go to game
Tanis, C. KeesBăluțescu, Mihail Goangă Black wins 8/13/2020 Go to game
Andreica-Navruc, SebastianKögeler, Aart White wins 6/26/2020 Go to game
Kögeler, AartAndreica-Navruc, Sebastian Black wins 8/27/2020 Go to game
Mihai, PartenieLeenders, Chris Draw 6/4/2020 Go to game
Leenders, ChrisMihai, Partenie Black wins 6/23/2020 Go to game
Țoca, AdrianFluit, Johnny Draw 10/16/2020 Go to game
Fluit, JohnnyȚoca, Adrian Draw 10/13/2020 Go to game
Marțiș, Octavian MihaiLeijen, Peter Draw 3/3/2020 Go to game
Leijen, PeterMarțiș, Octavian Mihai Draw 2/21/2020 Go to game
Vasile, ConstantinSnijders, Jan Draw 2/27/2020 Go to game
Snijders, JanVasile, Constantin White wins 3/10/2020 Go to game

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