All games from WSTT/3/18/Final - Center Game, C22 with status Finished


Relyea, AlexanderRenard, Stéphane Draw 5/26/2020 Go to game
Relyea, AlexanderMichalek, Martin White wins 6/28/2020 Go to game
Relyea, AlexanderNaeter, Burkhard Draw 7/28/2020 Go to game
Relyea, AlexanderAymard, Michel Draw 7/24/2020 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneRelyea, Alexander Draw 7/20/2020 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneMichalek, Martin Draw 5/16/2020 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneNaeter, Burkhard Draw 3/14/2020 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneBoulanger, Michel Black wins 6/9/2020 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneAymard, Michel Black wins 4/9/2020 Go to game
Michalek, MartinNaeter, Burkhard Black wins 6/8/2020 Go to game
Michalek, MartinAymard, Michel Draw 3/17/2020 Go to game
Naeter, BurkhardRelyea, Alexander Draw 7/7/2020 Go to game
Naeter, BurkhardRenard, Stéphane Draw 2/10/2020 Go to game
Naeter, BurkhardMichalek, Martin Draw 5/17/2020 Go to game
Naeter, BurkhardBoulanger, Michel Draw 3/29/2020 Go to game
Naeter, BurkhardAymard, Michel White wins 4/18/2020 Go to game
Boulanger, MichelRenard, Stéphane Draw 3/16/2020 Go to game
Boulanger, MichelNaeter, Burkhard Draw 4/17/2020 Go to game
Aymard, MichelRenard, Stéphane Draw 4/9/2020 Go to game
Aymard, MichelNaeter, Burkhard Black wins 5/1/2020 Go to game

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