All games from Chess Mail ICCF-Webchess Inauguration Section 06 with status Finished


Perrin, Richard DavidGaillard, Edward Black wins 8/13/2005 Go to game
Vitkevičius, JuozasPerrin, Richard David White wins 2/15/2005 Go to game
Perrin, Richard DavidAvotinš, Maigonis Black wins 12/11/2004 Go to game
Melin, PerPerrin, Richard David Draw 8/10/2005 Go to game
Perrin, Richard DavidSánchez Carol, Jesús Black wins 5/6/2005 Go to game
Clement, PaulPerrin, Richard David White wins 12/3/2004 Go to game
Gaillard, EdwardVitkevičius, Juozas Draw 10/19/2005 Go to game
Avotinš, MaigonisGaillard, Edward Draw 4/6/2005 Go to game
Gaillard, EdwardMelin, Per White wins 7/8/2005 Go to game
Sánchez Carol, JesúsGaillard, Edward Draw 4/4/2005 Go to game
Gaillard, EdwardClement, Paul Draw 4/27/2005 Go to game
Vitkevičius, JuozasAvotinš, Maigonis Draw 12/31/2004 Go to game
Melin, PerVitkevičius, Juozas Draw 12/1/2004 Go to game
Vitkevičius, JuozasSánchez Carol, Jesús Draw 12/31/2004 Go to game
Clement, PaulVitkevičius, Juozas Draw 2/9/2005 Go to game
Avotinš, MaigonisMelin, Per White wins 1/30/2005 Go to game
Sánchez Carol, JesúsAvotinš, Maigonis Draw 12/13/2004 Go to game
Avotinš, MaigonisClement, Paul White wins 4/1/2005 Go to game
Melin, PerSánchez Carol, Jesús Draw 4/17/2006 Go to game
Clement, PaulMelin, Per Draw 2/25/2005 Go to game
Sánchez Carol, JesúsClement, Paul Black wins 4/5/2005 Go to game

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