All games from WZ Promotion - Higher Class/12 with status Finished


Moraes, Francisco José Baena deMoujan, Pablo Black wins 4/2/2020 Go to game
Clarkson, PaulMoraes, Francisco José Baena de Black wins 1/8/2020 Go to game
Moraes, Francisco José Baena deBurnham, Judson Draw 1/21/2020 Go to game
Taylor, Bobby C.Moraes, Francisco José Baena de White wins 12/17/2019 Go to game
Moraes, Francisco José Baena deDiPietra, Ronald Black wins 4/7/2020 Go to game
Weil, TimothyMoraes, Francisco José Baena de Draw 3/16/2020 Go to game
Moujan, PabloClarkson, Paul White wins 10/13/2019 Go to game
Burnham, JudsonMoujan, Pablo Draw 5/15/2019 Go to game
Moujan, PabloTaylor, Bobby C. White wins 6/15/2019 Go to game
DiPietra, RonaldMoujan, Pablo Draw 6/23/2019 Go to game
Moujan, PabloWeil, Timothy Draw 6/8/2019 Go to game
Clarkson, PaulBurnham, Judson Draw 10/4/2019 Go to game
Taylor, Bobby C.Clarkson, Paul Draw 9/7/2019 Go to game
Clarkson, PaulDiPietra, Ronald Black wins 12/24/2019 Go to game
Weil, TimothyClarkson, Paul White wins 10/24/2019 Go to game
Burnham, JudsonTaylor, Bobby C. White wins 6/4/2019 Go to game
DiPietra, RonaldBurnham, Judson Draw 5/20/2019 Go to game
Burnham, JudsonWeil, Timothy White wins 6/9/2019 Go to game
Taylor, Bobby C.DiPietra, Ronald Black wins 7/3/2019 Go to game
Weil, TimothyTaylor, Bobby C. White wins 7/3/2019 Go to game
DiPietra, RonaldWeil, Timothy Draw 6/13/2019 Go to game

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