All games from C & DCCC 2018 Division 3 - Butler Thomas with status Finished


Corish, Aidan T.Jacobs, Talvin Black wins 3/6/2019 Go to game
Jacobs, TalvinCorish, Aidan T. White wins 3/6/2019 Go to game
Anderton, David WilliamDunks, Peter White wins 1/31/2019 Go to game
Dunks, PeterAnderton, David William Draw 2/3/2019 Go to game
White, RichardWilkinson, David (Birmingham) Black wins 3/29/2019 Go to game
Wilkinson, David (Birmingham)White, Richard Draw 3/28/2019 Go to game
Russell, HarryForeman, Anthony White wins 1/13/2019 Go to game
Foreman, AnthonyRussell, Harry Black wins 1/13/2019 Go to game
Burton, StephenKilshaw, Joe Black wins 4/20/2019 Go to game
Kilshaw, JoeBurton, Stephen White wins 6/16/2019 Go to game
Hadfield, Roy W.Edney, David Black wins 3/31/2019 Go to game
Edney, DavidHadfield, Roy W. White wins 4/2/2019 Go to game
Bowden, KarlPatel, Devan White wins 2/7/2019 Go to game
Patel, DevanBowden, Karl Black wins 2/6/2019 Go to game
Kok, HermanOliver, Peter J. R. White wins 3/1/2019 Go to game
Oliver, Peter J. R.Kok, Herman White wins 3/23/2019 Go to game
Tymms, J. D. M.Joslin, Kay Black wins 9/10/2019 Go to game
Joslin, KayTymms, J. D. M. White wins 5/29/2019 Go to game
Daykin, StephenPrice, Derek Black wins 5/31/2019 Go to game
Price, DerekDaykin, Stephen White wins 6/8/2019 Go to game
Clark, MichaelBeddoe, Bob Black wins 1/23/2019 Go to game
Beddoe, BobClark, Michael White wins 3/14/2019 Go to game
Thurstan, Tim M.Scott, Ian Draw 3/19/2019 Go to game
Scott, IanThurstan, Tim M. Black wins 6/26/2019 Go to game
Eustace, DavidMalka, Nigel White wins 4/4/2019 Go to game
Malka, NigelEustace, David Black wins 5/16/2019 Go to game
Carr, MatthewMospan, Edward Black wins 3/9/2019 Go to game
Mospan, EdwardCarr, Matthew White wins 3/17/2019 Go to game
Irwin, JamesCantliff, Richard White wins 6/22/2019 Go to game
Cantliff, RichardIrwin, James Draw 10/14/2019 Go to game
Woodhouse, Keith Chilvers, Kerry Black wins 6/23/2019 Go to game
Chilvers, KerryWoodhouse, Keith White wins 6/23/2019 Go to game
Ward, BillJones, Richard W. White wins 4/29/2019 Go to game
Jones, Richard W.Ward, Bill Draw 5/16/2019 Go to game
Anderton, DoreenPakenham, John H. White wins 3/28/2019 Go to game
Pakenham, John H.Anderton, Doreen Black wins 4/1/2019 Go to game
Twitchell, Neville H.Ashworth, Alexander White wins 6/10/2019 Go to game
Ashworth, AlexanderTwitchell, Neville H. Black wins 7/21/2019 Go to game
Leggett, Peter A. W.Cutter, Timothy Black wins 6/8/2019 Go to game
Cutter, TimothyLeggett, Peter A. W. White wins 6/10/2019 Go to game
Zigmond, AndrewBrooks, Ian Draw 8/29/2019 Go to game
Brooks, IanZigmond, Andrew White wins 5/26/2019 Go to game
Dolan, RaymondClow, Ken Black wins 5/9/2019 Go to game
Clow, KenDolan, Raymond White wins 5/19/2019 Go to game
Cage, SimonGallico, David Black wins 7/15/2019 Go to game
Gallico, DavidCage, Simon White wins 5/8/2019 Go to game
Holt, Frank Sherlock, Peter Black wins 1/22/2019 Go to game
Sherlock, PeterHolt, Frank White wins 2/2/2019 Go to game
Fischer, Paul G.Walden, Howard White wins 4/19/2019 Go to game
Walden, HowardFischer, Paul G. Draw 8/23/2019 Go to game


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