All games from European Server Championship 2018 Semi-Final 8 with status Finished


Sudnitsyn, Andrey VitalievichEngelen, Johan Draw 2/15/2019 Go to game
Verhaeren, GertjanSudnitsyn, Andrey Vitalievich Draw 3/25/2020 Go to game
Sudnitsyn, Andrey VitalievichSzerlak, Andrzej Black wins 8/11/2019 Go to game
Kitaev, Sergey VladimirovichSudnitsyn, Andrey Vitalievich White wins 7/21/2019 Go to game
Sudnitsyn, Andrey VitalievichHauser, Siegfried Draw 2/14/2020 Go to game
Pheby, Ian M.Sudnitsyn, Andrey Vitalievich Draw 4/1/2020 Go to game
Sudnitsyn, Andrey VitalievichSarakenidis, Nikolaos Draw 8/15/2019 Go to game
Zielinski, SergejSudnitsyn, Andrey Vitalievich Draw 6/9/2019 Go to game
Sudnitsyn, Andrey VitalievichSalzmann, Stefan Draw 3/23/2019 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichSudnitsyn, Andrey Vitalievich White wins 11/7/2019 Go to game
Sudnitsyn, Andrey VitalievichHinz, Horst Draw 7/11/2019 Go to game
Grinkevičius, AlvydasSudnitsyn, Andrey Vitalievich White wins 2/29/2020 Go to game
Engelen, JohanVerhaeren, Gertjan Draw 7/6/2019 Go to game
Szerlak, AndrzejEngelen, Johan Draw 11/21/2018 Go to game
Engelen, JohanKitaev, Sergey Vladimirovich Draw 5/29/2019 Go to game
Hauser, SiegfriedEngelen, Johan Black wins 12/11/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanPheby, Ian M. Draw 11/26/2019 Go to game
Sarakenidis, NikolaosEngelen, Johan Black wins 10/24/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanZielinski, Sergej Draw 3/3/2019 Go to game
Salzmann, StefanEngelen, Johan Draw 12/20/2018 Go to game
Engelen, JohanKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich Draw 11/23/2018 Go to game
Hinz, HorstEngelen, Johan Draw 2/9/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanGrinkevičius, Alvydas Draw 3/11/2019 Go to game
Verhaeren, GertjanSzerlak, Andrzej Draw 12/1/2018 Go to game
Kitaev, Sergey VladimirovichVerhaeren, Gertjan Draw 3/30/2019 Go to game
Verhaeren, GertjanHauser, Siegfried Draw 12/18/2019 Go to game
Pheby, Ian M.Verhaeren, Gertjan Draw 8/4/2019 Go to game
Verhaeren, GertjanSarakenidis, Nikolaos Draw 1/2/2020 Go to game
Zielinski, SergejVerhaeren, Gertjan Draw 9/25/2019 Go to game
Verhaeren, GertjanSalzmann, Stefan Draw 2/25/2019 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichVerhaeren, Gertjan Draw 8/29/2019 Go to game
Verhaeren, GertjanHinz, Horst White wins 12/11/2019 Go to game
Grinkevičius, AlvydasVerhaeren, Gertjan Draw 4/27/2020 Go to game
Szerlak, AndrzejKitaev, Sergey Vladimirovich Draw 10/15/2018 Go to game
Hauser, SiegfriedSzerlak, Andrzej Draw 3/22/2019 Go to game
Szerlak, AndrzejPheby, Ian M. Draw 3/7/2019 Go to game
Sarakenidis, NikolaosSzerlak, Andrzej Draw 7/14/2019 Go to game
Szerlak, AndrzejZielinski, Sergej Black wins 5/17/2019 Go to game
Salzmann, StefanSzerlak, Andrzej Draw 12/2/2018 Go to game
Szerlak, AndrzejKolpak, Sergey Fedorovich White wins 11/20/2019 Go to game
Hinz, HorstSzerlak, Andrzej Black wins 3/2/2019 Go to game
Szerlak, AndrzejGrinkevičius, Alvydas Draw 4/28/2019 Go to game
Kitaev, Sergey VladimirovichHauser, Siegfried Draw 5/9/2019 Go to game
Pheby, Ian M.Kitaev, Sergey Vladimirovich Draw 3/30/2019 Go to game
Kitaev, Sergey VladimirovichSarakenidis, Nikolaos Draw 12/22/2018 Go to game
Zielinski, SergejKitaev, Sergey Vladimirovich Draw 4/19/2019 Go to game
Kitaev, Sergey VladimirovichSalzmann, Stefan Draw 4/21/2019 Go to game
Kolpak, Sergey FedorovichKitaev, Sergey Vladimirovich Draw 11/24/2018 Go to game
Kitaev, Sergey VladimirovichHinz, Horst Draw 10/24/2018 Go to game
Grinkevičius, AlvydasKitaev, Sergey Vladimirovich Draw 2/19/2019 Go to game


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