All games from ICCF Veterans World Cup 11 pr 45 with status Finished


Romualdi, RobertoEngelen, Johan Black wins 4/17/2019 Go to game
Packroff, HermannRomualdi, Roberto White wins 1/5/2019 Go to game
Romualdi, RobertoGonzalez-Gigato, Jose Black wins 7/7/2019 Go to game
Wilson, NormRomualdi, Roberto Black wins 10/17/2018 Go to game
Romualdi, RobertoWalther, Joachim Draw 8/27/2019 Go to game
Taksrud, VidarRomualdi, Roberto White wins 5/18/2019 Go to game
Romualdi, RobertoStepanov, Valery Anatolievich Black wins 11/24/2018 Go to game
Richter, WolfgangRomualdi, Roberto White wins 7/24/2019 Go to game
Romualdi, RobertoDonovan, Terence Black wins 12/24/2018 Go to game
Johnston, AllanRomualdi, Roberto White wins 11/11/2018 Go to game
Romualdi, RobertoAfloarei, Jenica Draw 11/21/2018 Go to game
Bennborn, JanRomualdi, Roberto White wins 4/17/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanPackroff, Hermann Draw 10/27/2018 Go to game
Gonzalez-Gigato, JoseEngelen, Johan Draw 3/26/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanWilson, Norm White wins 9/20/2018 Go to game
Walther, JoachimEngelen, Johan Draw 3/6/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanTaksrud, Vidar White wins 12/10/2019 Go to game
Stepanov, Valery AnatolievichEngelen, Johan Draw 11/29/2018 Go to game
Engelen, JohanRichter, Wolfgang White wins 7/24/2019 Go to game
Donovan, TerenceEngelen, Johan Draw 10/4/2018 Go to game
Engelen, JohanJohnston, Allan Draw 9/19/2018 Go to game
Afloarei, JenicaEngelen, Johan Draw 4/26/2019 Go to game
Engelen, JohanBennborn, Jan White wins 7/15/2019 Go to game
Packroff, HermannGonzalez-Gigato, Jose Draw 8/25/2019 Go to game
Wilson, NormPackroff, Hermann Black wins 9/5/2018 Go to game
Packroff, HermannWalther, Joachim Draw 10/3/2018 Go to game
Taksrud, VidarPackroff, Hermann Draw 10/24/2018 Go to game
Packroff, HermannStepanov, Valery Anatolievich Draw 11/10/2018 Go to game
Richter, WolfgangPackroff, Hermann Draw 12/11/2019 Go to game
Packroff, HermannDonovan, Terence Draw 10/16/2018 Go to game
Johnston, AllanPackroff, Hermann Draw 2/3/2019 Go to game
Packroff, HermannAfloarei, Jenica Draw 2/26/2019 Go to game
Bennborn, JanPackroff, Hermann Draw 2/1/2019 Go to game
Gonzalez-Gigato, JoseWilson, Norm White wins 10/4/2018 Go to game
Walther, JoachimGonzalez-Gigato, Jose Draw 7/22/2019 Go to game
Gonzalez-Gigato, JoseTaksrud, Vidar Draw 8/7/2019 Go to game
Stepanov, Valery AnatolievichGonzalez-Gigato, Jose Draw 2/6/2019 Go to game
Gonzalez-Gigato, JoseRichter, Wolfgang Black wins 6/3/2019 Go to game
Donovan, TerenceGonzalez-Gigato, Jose Draw 3/6/2019 Go to game
Gonzalez-Gigato, JoseJohnston, Allan Draw 3/6/2019 Go to game
Afloarei, JenicaGonzalez-Gigato, Jose Black wins 4/2/2019 Go to game
Gonzalez-Gigato, JoseBennborn, Jan Draw 5/13/2019 Go to game
Wilson, NormWalther, Joachim Black wins 9/23/2018 Go to game
Taksrud, VidarWilson, Norm White wins 9/16/2018 Go to game
Wilson, NormStepanov, Valery Anatolievich Black wins 10/7/2018 Go to game
Richter, WolfgangWilson, Norm White wins 1/13/2019 Go to game
Wilson, NormDonovan, Terence Black wins 8/21/2018 Go to game
Johnston, AllanWilson, Norm White wins 8/27/2018 Go to game
Wilson, NormAfloarei, Jenica Black wins 8/30/2018 Go to game
Bennborn, JanWilson, Norm White wins 10/1/2018 Go to game


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