All games from WS/H/679 with status Finished


Johansson, Evert R.Milde, Lars Black wins 12/7/2018 Go to game
Tatinian, WilliamJohansson, Evert R. White wins 11/11/2018 Go to game
Johansson, Evert R.Castle Jr., Tom Black wins 12/14/2018 Go to game
Ambirk, Jan RobertJohansson, Evert R. White wins 1/8/2019 Go to game
Johansson, Evert R.Lahdenmäki, Leo Black wins 10/26/2018 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioJohansson, Evert R. White wins 1/11/2019 Go to game
Milde, LarsTatinian, William Draw 10/25/2018 Go to game
Castle Jr., TomMilde, Lars Draw 10/23/2018 Go to game
Milde, LarsAmbirk, Jan Robert White wins 10/27/2018 Go to game
Lahdenmäki, LeoMilde, Lars Draw 9/21/2018 Go to game
Milde, LarsCuccumini, Vittorio White wins 10/12/2018 Go to game
Tatinian, WilliamCastle Jr., Tom Draw 8/10/2018 Go to game
Ambirk, Jan RobertTatinian, William Black wins 1/30/2019 Go to game
Tatinian, WilliamLahdenmäki, Leo White wins 11/10/2018 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioTatinian, William Draw 11/12/2018 Go to game
Castle Jr., TomAmbirk, Jan Robert White wins 10/24/2018 Go to game
Lahdenmäki, LeoCastle Jr., Tom Draw 8/9/2018 Go to game
Castle Jr., TomCuccumini, Vittorio Draw 9/11/2018 Go to game
Ambirk, Jan RobertLahdenmäki, Leo Draw 10/31/2018 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioAmbirk, Jan Robert Draw 10/4/2018 Go to game
Lahdenmäki, LeoCuccumini, Vittorio Draw 9/15/2018 Go to game

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