All games from Petr Boukal Memorial with status Finished


Židů, JanRiccio, Eros Draw 10/26/2018 Go to game
Riccio, ErosVeselý, Pavol Draw 11/1/2018 Go to game
Stalmach, KamilRiccio, Eros Draw 3/3/2019 Go to game
Mrkvička, JosefRiccio, Eros Draw 10/21/2018 Go to game
Martín Clemente, JoelRobson, Nigel Draw 3/19/2019 Go to game
Bubir, SergeiMartín Clemente, Joel Draw 3/6/2019 Go to game
Židů, JanRobson, Nigel Draw 2/28/2019 Go to game
Bubir, SergeiŽidů, Jan Draw 2/20/2019 Go to game
Stalmach, KamilŽidů, Jan Draw 12/4/2018 Go to game
Mrkvička, JosefŽidů, Jan Draw 10/25/2018 Go to game
Veselý, PavolStalmach, Kamil Draw 3/16/2019 Go to game
Veselý, PavolMrkvička, Josef Draw 11/18/2018 Go to game

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