All games from 31. Ukraine Championship First League group 2 with status Finished


Kovalsky, SergeyMoskalenko, Eduard Draw 6/22/2018 Go to game
Moskalenko, EduardRets, Yriy Draw 7/29/2018 Go to game
Moskalenko, EduardTyutyunnik, Roman Draw 3/6/2018 Go to game
Lukyanenko, VolodimirMoskalenko, Eduard Draw 6/21/2018 Go to game
Malichev, IvanNovikov, Andrey White wins 6/3/2018 Go to game
Novikov, AndreyYarmolyuk, Yury Draw 6/18/2018 Go to game
Novikov, AndreyBaranyuk, Andrey Draw 6/18/2018 Go to game
Tyutyunnik, RomanNovikov, Andrey Draw 4/14/2018 Go to game
Novikov, AndreyLukyanenko, Volodimir Black wins 7/7/2018 Go to game
Kovalsky, SergeyMalichev, Ivan Draw 2/25/2018 Go to game
Yarmolyuk, YuryKovalsky, Sergey Draw 2/13/2018 Go to game
Kovalsky, SergeyRets, Yriy Draw 4/17/2018 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyKovalsky, Sergey Draw 5/20/2018 Go to game
Kovalsky, SergeyTyutyunnik, Roman Draw 3/8/2018 Go to game
Lukyanenko, VolodimirKovalsky, Sergey Draw 5/23/2018 Go to game
Malichev, IvanKorzh, Leonty Draw 6/16/2018 Go to game
Tkachenko, IgorMalichev, Ivan Draw 6/25/2018 Go to game
Malichev, IvanYarmolyuk, Yury Draw 2/10/2018 Go to game
Rets, YriyMalichev, Ivan Draw 2/10/2018 Go to game
Tyutyunnik, RomanMalichev, Ivan Draw 2/4/2018 Go to game
Malichev, IvanLukyanenko, Volodimir Draw 4/10/2018 Go to game
Yarmolyuk, YuryKorzh, Leonty White wins 7/15/2018 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyRets, Yriy Black wins 7/18/2018 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyKorzh, Leonty Draw 6/27/2018 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyTyutyunnik, Roman Black wins 7/30/2018 Go to game
Lukyanenko, VolodimirKorzh, Leonty White wins 7/17/2018 Go to game
Rets, YriyTkachenko, Igor Draw 7/23/2018 Go to game
Tyutyunnik, RomanTkachenko, Igor Draw 5/23/2018 Go to game
Yarmolyuk, YuryRets, Yriy Draw 3/9/2018 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyYarmolyuk, Yury Draw 3/21/2018 Go to game
Yarmolyuk, YuryTyutyunnik, Roman Draw 2/17/2018 Go to game
Lukyanenko, VolodimirYarmolyuk, Yury Draw 2/28/2018 Go to game
Tyutyunnik, RomanRets, Yriy Draw 2/18/2018 Go to game
Rets, YriyLukyanenko, Volodimir Draw 5/29/2018 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyTyutyunnik, Roman Draw 5/31/2018 Go to game
Tyutyunnik, RomanLukyanenko, Volodimir Draw 4/1/2018 Go to game

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