All games from European Server Championship 2017 Semi-Final 11 with status Finished


Hunger, HorstFabig, Holger Draw 5/7/2018 Go to game
Moser, RetoHunger, Horst Draw 2/13/2018 Go to game
Hunger, HorstCvak, Rudolf Draw 3/4/2018 Go to game
Popov, Evgeny NikolaevichHunger, Horst Draw 1/17/2018 Go to game
Hunger, HorstBukarin, Mikhail Yurievich Draw 7/29/2018 Go to game
Varkentin, Wilgelm WilgelmovichHunger, Horst Draw 5/3/2018 Go to game
Hunger, HorstBaroin, Bernard Draw 6/12/2018 Go to game
Halliwell, ToniHunger, Horst Draw 3/25/2019 Go to game
Hunger, HorstAmico, Rosario Draw 9/3/2018 Go to game
Sękowski, PawełHunger, Horst Draw 10/15/2017 Go to game
Hunger, HorstKriksciunas, Bronislavas White wins 3/22/2018 Go to game
Avchinikov, ViktorHunger, Horst White wins 11/4/2018 Go to game
Fabig, HolgerMoser, Reto Draw 1/19/2019 Go to game
Cvak, RudolfFabig, Holger Draw 10/22/2017 Go to game
Fabig, HolgerPopov, Evgeny Nikolaevich Draw 10/10/2017 Go to game
Bukarin, Mikhail YurievichFabig, Holger Draw 12/1/2018 Go to game
Fabig, HolgerVarkentin, Wilgelm Wilgelmovich Draw 4/4/2018 Go to game
Baroin, BernardFabig, Holger Draw 7/15/2018 Go to game
Fabig, HolgerHalliwell, Toni Draw 1/9/2018 Go to game
Amico, RosarioFabig, Holger Draw 9/29/2018 Go to game
Fabig, HolgerSękowski, Paweł Draw 11/9/2017 Go to game
Kriksciunas, BronislavasFabig, Holger Draw 5/2/2018 Go to game
Fabig, HolgerAvchinikov, Viktor Draw 10/30/2017 Go to game
Moser, RetoCvak, Rudolf Draw 3/1/2018 Go to game
Popov, Evgeny NikolaevichMoser, Reto Draw 1/2/2018 Go to game
Moser, RetoBukarin, Mikhail Yurievich Draw 4/8/2018 Go to game
Varkentin, Wilgelm WilgelmovichMoser, Reto Draw 7/7/2018 Go to game
Moser, RetoBaroin, Bernard White wins 10/28/2018 Go to game
Halliwell, ToniMoser, Reto Draw 12/10/2017 Go to game
Moser, RetoAmico, Rosario Draw 12/29/2017 Go to game
Sękowski, PawełMoser, Reto Draw 2/8/2018 Go to game
Moser, RetoKriksciunas, Bronislavas Draw by adjudication 6/9/2018 Go to game
Avchinikov, ViktorMoser, Reto Draw 7/5/2018 Go to game
Cvak, RudolfPopov, Evgeny Nikolaevich White wins 4/15/2018 Go to game
Bukarin, Mikhail YurievichCvak, Rudolf White wins 6/9/2018 Go to game
Cvak, RudolfVarkentin, Wilgelm Wilgelmovich Draw 1/1/2018 Go to game
Baroin, BernardCvak, Rudolf Draw 2/22/2018 Go to game
Cvak, RudolfHalliwell, Toni Draw 7/28/2018 Go to game
Amico, RosarioCvak, Rudolf Draw 12/29/2017 Go to game
Cvak, RudolfSękowski, Paweł White wins 12/24/2017 Go to game
Kriksciunas, BronislavasCvak, Rudolf Draw 4/29/2018 Go to game
Cvak, RudolfAvchinikov, Viktor Draw 11/7/2017 Go to game
Popov, Evgeny NikolaevichBukarin, Mikhail Yurievich Draw 5/30/2018 Go to game
Varkentin, Wilgelm WilgelmovichPopov, Evgeny Nikolaevich Draw 11/16/2017 Go to game
Popov, Evgeny NikolaevichBaroin, Bernard Draw 2/18/2018 Go to game
Halliwell, ToniPopov, Evgeny Nikolaevich Draw 11/11/2017 Go to game
Popov, Evgeny NikolaevichAmico, Rosario Draw 9/2/2018 Go to game
Sękowski, PawełPopov, Evgeny Nikolaevich Draw 10/3/2017 Go to game
Popov, Evgeny NikolaevichKriksciunas, Bronislavas Draw 4/29/2018 Go to game
Avchinikov, ViktorPopov, Evgeny Nikolaevich Draw 1/12/2018 Go to game


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