All games from Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament SF2 Board 1 with status Finished


Maurer, SergeGraterol, Servelión Draw 8/24/2017 Go to game
Berecz, GavrilMaurer, Serge Draw 12/31/2017 Go to game
Maurer, SergeKayis, Cahit Sadi Draw 9/14/2017 Go to game
Cannon, DaleMaurer, Serge Draw 12/26/2017 Go to game
Maurer, SergeSchwarz, Roman Draw 4/14/2018 Go to game
Debevec, BlažMaurer, Serge Draw 7/6/2017 Go to game
Maurer, SergeSchaub, Marc Draw 12/18/2017 Go to game
Gerhards, GuntisMaurer, Serge Draw 5/22/2018 Go to game
Maurer, SergeOvcharenko, Leonid Mikhailovich Draw 11/3/2017 Go to game
Rutkus, RomasMaurer, Serge White wins 1/21/2018 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónBerecz, Gavril White wins 12/30/2017 Go to game
Kayis, Cahit SadiGraterol, Servelión Draw 9/18/2017 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónCannon, Dale Draw 9/9/2017 Go to game
Schwarz, RomanGraterol, Servelión Draw 1/28/2018 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónDebevec, Blaž Draw 6/12/2017 Go to game
Schaub, MarcGraterol, Servelión Draw 10/2/2017 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónGerhards, Guntis Draw 9/30/2017 Go to game
Ovcharenko, Leonid MikhailovichGraterol, Servelión Draw 8/17/2017 Go to game
Graterol, ServeliónRutkus, Romas White wins 8/30/2018 Go to game
Berecz, GavrilKayis, Cahit Sadi Draw 12/13/2017 Go to game
Cannon, DaleBerecz, Gavril Draw 9/10/2017 Go to game
Berecz, GavrilSchwarz, Roman Draw 6/25/2018 Go to game
Debevec, BlažBerecz, Gavril Draw 11/16/2017 Go to game
Berecz, GavrilSchaub, Marc Draw 2/7/2018 Go to game
Gerhards, GuntisBerecz, Gavril White wins 2/8/2018 Go to game
Berecz, GavrilOvcharenko, Leonid Mikhailovich Draw 9/4/2017 Go to game
Rutkus, RomasBerecz, Gavril White wins 2/8/2018 Go to game
Kayis, Cahit SadiCannon, Dale Draw 12/26/2017 Go to game
Schwarz, RomanKayis, Cahit Sadi Draw 5/23/2018 Go to game
Kayis, Cahit SadiDebevec, Blaž White wins 12/29/2017 Go to game
Schaub, MarcKayis, Cahit Sadi Draw 12/24/2017 Go to game
Kayis, Cahit SadiGerhards, Guntis White wins 8/6/2018 Go to game
Ovcharenko, Leonid MikhailovichKayis, Cahit Sadi Draw 7/19/2017 Go to game
Kayis, Cahit SadiRutkus, Romas Draw 4/26/2018 Go to game
Cannon, DaleSchwarz, Roman Draw 7/1/2018 Go to game
Debevec, BlažCannon, Dale Draw 9/21/2017 Go to game
Cannon, DaleSchaub, Marc White wins 4/6/2018 Go to game
Gerhards, GuntisCannon, Dale Draw 12/10/2017 Go to game
Cannon, DaleOvcharenko, Leonid Mikhailovich White wins 1/17/2018 Go to game
Rutkus, RomasCannon, Dale Draw 12/17/2017 Go to game
Schwarz, RomanDebevec, Blaž Draw 7/1/2018 Go to game
Schaub, MarcSchwarz, Roman Draw 4/7/2018 Go to game
Schwarz, RomanGerhards, Guntis White wins 6/13/2019 Go to game
Ovcharenko, Leonid MikhailovichSchwarz, Roman Draw 8/2/2018 Go to game
Schwarz, RomanRutkus, Romas Draw 4/26/2018 Go to game
Debevec, BlažSchaub, Marc Draw 9/28/2017 Go to game
Gerhards, GuntisDebevec, Blaž Draw 7/15/2017 Go to game
Debevec, BlažOvcharenko, Leonid Mikhailovich Draw 8/4/2017 Go to game
Rutkus, RomasDebevec, Blaž White wins 10/16/2017 Go to game
Schaub, MarcGerhards, Guntis Draw 1/7/2018 Go to game


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