All games from Open des 80 ans de l'AJEC groupe 21 with status Finished


Piacun, EduardLöffler, Werner Draw 7/23/2017 Go to game
Rusznák, ZoltánPiacun, Eduard Draw 8/10/2017 Go to game
Piacun, EduardJung, Reiner Draw 8/23/2017 Go to game
Renard, StéphanePiacun, Eduard Black wins 11/27/2017 Go to game
Piacun, EduardCamps, Jean-Pierre Draw 10/21/2017 Go to game
Kurylo, RišardPiacun, Eduard White wins 7/28/2017 Go to game
Löffler, WernerRusznák, Zoltán White wins 9/23/2017 Go to game
Jung, ReinerLöffler, Werner Draw 9/29/2017 Go to game
Löffler, WernerRenard, Stéphane Draw 3/7/2018 Go to game
Camps, Jean-PierreLöffler, Werner Draw 7/7/2017 Go to game
Löffler, WernerKurylo, Rišard Draw 7/3/2017 Go to game
Rusznák, ZoltánJung, Reiner Black wins 11/29/2017 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneRusznák, Zoltán White wins 11/28/2017 Go to game
Rusznák, ZoltánCamps, Jean-Pierre Draw 7/28/2017 Go to game
Kurylo, RišardRusznák, Zoltán White wins 11/6/2017 Go to game
Jung, ReinerRenard, Stéphane White wins 12/9/2017 Go to game
Camps, Jean-PierreJung, Reiner Black wins 10/4/2017 Go to game
Jung, ReinerKurylo, Rišard Draw 8/24/2017 Go to game
Renard, StéphaneCamps, Jean-Pierre Draw 9/2/2017 Go to game
Kurylo, RišardRenard, Stéphane Draw 7/25/2017 Go to game
Camps, Jean-PierreKurylo, Rišard Draw 7/1/2017 Go to game

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