All games from Finland - Scotland 2017 with status Finished


Hiltunen, ReijoBell, Alan D. Draw 5/13/2017 Go to game
Bell, Alan D.Hiltunen, Reijo White wins 5/16/2017 Go to game
Teeriaho, TuomoMackintosh, Iain Draw 11/7/2017 Go to game
Mackintosh, IainTeeriaho, Tuomo White wins 9/13/2018 Go to game
Haapamäki, MikaCumming, David R. Draw 5/21/2017 Go to game
Cumming, David R.Haapamäki, Mika Draw 5/26/2017 Go to game
Kuosmanen, KariLloyd, Geoffrey Draw 9/14/2017 Go to game
Lloyd, GeoffreyKuosmanen, Kari Draw 8/20/2017 Go to game
Pakarinen, TapioBlake, Michael J. Draw 12/22/2017 Go to game
Blake, Michael J.Pakarinen, Tapio Draw 12/14/2017 Go to game
Ruokokoski, HannesCampbell, Eoin S. Draw 10/24/2017 Go to game
Campbell, Eoin S.Ruokokoski, Hannes Draw 9/2/2017 Go to game
Ahonen, Markku OlaviBurridge, Raymond John Draw 7/10/2017 Go to game
Burridge, Raymond JohnAhonen, Markku Olavi Draw 8/16/2017 Go to game
Laine, JariStewart, Kenneth W. C. White wins 4/12/2018 Go to game
Stewart, Kenneth W. C.Laine, Jari Draw 6/7/2018 Go to game
Salonen, JukkaPyrich, George D. Draw 7/1/2017 Go to game
Pyrich, George D.Salonen, Jukka White wins 8/2/2017 Go to game
Manninen, JuhaPrice, Derek Draw 7/27/2018 Go to game
Price, DerekManninen, Juha Draw 7/22/2018 Go to game
Satosuo, RaimoMacGregor, Colin A. Draw 8/22/2017 Go to game
MacGregor, Colin A.Satosuo, Raimo White wins 10/31/2017 Go to game
Riihimäki, VesaArmstrong, Alan White wins 9/4/2018 Go to game
Armstrong, AlanRiihimäki, Vesa Black wins 9/5/2018 Go to game
Varonen, MauriCoope, Derek William Draw 12/28/2017 Go to game
Coope, Derek WilliamVaronen, Mauri White defaulted 7/24/2018 Go to game
Mujunen, MarttiDempster, Dave White wins 7/2/2017 Go to game
Dempster, DaveMujunen, Martti Black wins 4/26/2017 Go to game
Varonen, HannuGoodwin, Brian J. White wins 12/24/2017 Go to game
Goodwin, Brian J.Varonen, Hannu Draw 9/29/2017 Go to game
Hoogkamer, MichaelWhite, Richard White wins 7/11/2017 Go to game
White, RichardHoogkamer, Michael Black wins 6/28/2017 Go to game
Saharinen, PetriGilbert, Robert White wins 11/8/2017 Go to game
Gilbert, RobertSaharinen, Petri Black wins 11/8/2017 Go to game
Pajukari, SeppoMacMillen, Andrew N. White wins 3/2/2018 Go to game
MacMillen, Andrew N.Pajukari, Seppo Black wins 5/30/2018 Go to game
Pihlajamäki, Jaakko J.Moir, Patrick White wins 11/17/2017 Go to game
Moir, PatrickPihlajamäki, Jaakko J. Black wins 1/2/2018 Go to game
Heino, JariArmstrong, John M. White wins 8/7/2017 Go to game
Armstrong, John M.Heino, Jari Black wins 8/30/2017 Go to game
Räisänen, TimoHardwick, Martin E. White wins 8/12/2017 Go to game
Hardwick, Martin E.Räisänen, Timo Black wins 7/26/2017 Go to game

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