All games from 7th Webchess Open Tournament prel Prel. 24 with status Finished


Roynet, SylvieNeale, Mark Draw 10/30/2018 Go to game
Dostál, StanislavRoynet, Sylvie Black wins 7/17/2017 Go to game
Roynet, SylvieIlyasov, Anatoly Fedorovich Black wins 4/27/2017 Go to game
Reynoso, GuillermoRoynet, Sylvie Draw 8/24/2017 Go to game
Roynet, SylvieKnapton, Geoff Draw 6/13/2017 Go to game
Moskalenko, EduardRoynet, Sylvie White wins 11/9/2017 Go to game
Neale, MarkDostál, Stanislav White wins 11/16/2017 Go to game
Ilyasov, Anatoly FedorovichNeale, Mark White wins 2/4/2018 Go to game
Neale, MarkReynoso, Guillermo Draw 10/5/2017 Go to game
Knapton, Geoff Neale, Mark Black wins 10/5/2018 Go to game
Neale, MarkMoskalenko, Eduard Draw 10/1/2017 Go to game
Dostál, StanislavIlyasov, Anatoly Fedorovich Black wins 3/28/2017 Go to game
Reynoso, GuillermoDostál, Stanislav White wins 6/29/2017 Go to game
Dostál, StanislavKnapton, Geoff Black wins 7/4/2017 Go to game
Moskalenko, EduardDostál, Stanislav White wins 6/19/2017 Go to game
Ilyasov, Anatoly FedorovichReynoso, Guillermo Draw 4/6/2017 Go to game
Knapton, Geoff Ilyasov, Anatoly Fedorovich Draw 2/16/2017 Go to game
Ilyasov, Anatoly FedorovichMoskalenko, Eduard White wins 11/28/2017 Go to game
Reynoso, GuillermoKnapton, Geoff White wins 2/4/2018 Go to game
Moskalenko, EduardReynoso, Guillermo Draw 1/12/2018 Go to game
Knapton, Geoff Moskalenko, Eduard Draw 3/6/2018 Go to game

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