All games from C & DCCC 2016/17 Division 2 - Sinclair with status Finished


Hulse, PeterSmith, Gary White defaulted 7/2/2017 Go to game
Knee, John P.Cannon, Dale Black wins 1/1/2017 Go to game
Smith, GaryHulse, Peter White wins 5/7/2017 Go to game
Cannon, DaleKnee, John P. White wins 11/27/2016 Go to game
Woodhouse, Keith Denham, Colin Black wins 5/4/2017 Go to game
Jones, Richard W.Robertshaw, Andrew M. Black wins 3/4/2017 Go to game
Denham, ColinWoodhouse, Keith White wins 4/30/2017 Go to game
Wood, BryanBrooks, Ian White wins 12/24/2016 Go to game
Brooks, IanWood, Bryan Black wins 2/20/2017 Go to game
Robertshaw, Andrew M.Jones, Richard W. White wins 3/4/2017 Go to game
Jones, BobWard, Andrew White wins 1/5/2017 Go to game
Eustace, DavidKok, Herman Black wins 11/23/2016 Go to game
Ward, AndrewJones, Bob Black wins 12/6/2016 Go to game
Marchant, A.Clow, Ken Draw 11/10/2016 Go to game
Kok, HermanEustace, David Draw 3/8/2017 Go to game
Gu, KevinDavenport, John Draw 3/4/2017 Go to game
Davenport, JohnGu, Kevin Draw 3/3/2017 Go to game
Parrott, D. W.Bates, Trevor Black wins 12/10/2016 Go to game
Bates, TrevorParrott, D. W. White wins 12/13/2016 Go to game
Clow, KenMarchant, A. Draw 12/5/2016 Go to game
Tymms, J. D. M.Kitson, Peter Draw 4/19/2017 Go to game
Sherlock, PeterMarks, Robert Black wins 1/12/2017 Go to game
Kitson, PeterTymms, J. D. M. White wins 3/12/2017 Go to game
Marks, RobertSherlock, Peter White wins 1/23/2017 Go to game
Wallis, Ian J.Baker, C. B. White wins 2/20/2017 Go to game
Baker, C. B.Wallis, Ian J. Black wins 5/14/2017 Go to game
Irwin, JamesSherwood, Alexander Black wins 3/30/2017 Go to game
Lunn, TimNielsen, Alex White wins 12/13/2016 Go to game
Tillett, RichardColebrook, Mike White wins 2/13/2017 Go to game
Colebrook, MikeTillett, Richard Black wins 5/12/2017 Go to game
Sherwood, AlexanderIrwin, James White wins 1/13/2017 Go to game
Corish, Aidan T.Sheerin, Alex White wins 2/20/2017 Go to game
Woodhouse, StephenAlcock, Graham Draw 12/31/2016 Go to game
Alcock, GrahamWoodhouse, Stephen White wins 1/1/2017 Go to game
Sheerin, AlexCorish, Aidan T. Draw 2/6/2017 Go to game
Nielsen, AlexLunn, Tim White wins by adjudication 9/1/2017 Go to game
D'Costa, Lorin A. R.Russell, Harry Draw 1/22/2017 Go to game
Beresford, A.Davey, Adrian Draw 11/17/2016 Go to game
Russell, HarryD'Costa, Lorin A. R. Draw 6/16/2017 Go to game
Hayden, Lawrence F.Blake, Norman J. White wins 12/22/2016 Go to game
Beckett, Phillip J.Grey, N. D. Draw 5/6/2017 Go to game
Grey, N. D.Beckett, Phillip J. Draw 3/26/2017 Go to game
Davey, AdrianBeresford, A. Draw 11/17/2016 Go to game
Blake, Norman J.Hayden, Lawrence F. Draw 12/23/2016 Go to game
Greenacre, KevinJames, Arthur Black wins 8/2/2017 Go to game
Chilvers, KerryFischer, Paul G. White wins 11/29/2016 Go to game
James, ArthurGreenacre, Kevin White wins 7/16/2017 Go to game
Fischer, Paul G.Chilvers, Kerry Black wins 11/21/2016 Go to game
Lewyk, IhorClaridge, John B. Black wins 3/28/2017 Go to game
White, NigelSherwood, Helen Draw 12/21/2016 Go to game
Claridge, John B.Lewyk, Ihor White wins 3/13/2017 Go to game
Sargent, John M.Thurstan, Tim M. White wins 9/8/2017 Go to game
Revell, Philip W.Herbert, G. M. White wins 1/2/2017 Go to game
Thurstan, Tim M.Sargent, John M. Draw 9/10/2017 Go to game
Sherwood, HelenWhite, Nigel White wins 10/28/2016 Go to game
Herbert, G. M.Revell, Philip W. Black wins 1/9/2017 Go to game
Ackley, Peter J. E.Parnian, Behzad White wins 11/23/2016 Go to game
Grummitt, WilliamKeene, Jim White wins 3/3/2017 Go to game
Keene, JimGrummitt, William Draw 2/17/2017 Go to game
Stephens, BobBaron, Marybeth White wins 8/18/2017 Go to game
Parnian, BehzadAckley, Peter J. E. Black wins 12/20/2016 Go to game
Baron, MarybethStephens, Bob White wins 8/3/2017 Go to game
Turner, B.Beddoe, Bob Black wins 2/9/2017 Go to game
Beddoe, BobTurner, B. White wins 1/26/2017 Go to game
Hurney, KevinRomeril, Alan Black wins 2/26/2017 Go to game
Lane, Tim A.Adams, Mark Black wins 3/2/2017 Go to game
Peck, SilasScott, Ian Draw 3/11/2017 Go to game
Scott, IanPeck, Silas Draw 4/24/2017 Go to game
Romeril, AlanHurney, Kevin White wins 1/30/2017 Go to game
Reynolds, R.Primrose, J. Black wins 1/12/2017 Go to game
Bowden, KarlHerman, Tom Black wins 2/28/2017 Go to game
Gallimore, C. DerekBrown, Noel A. Black defaulted 1/23/2017 Go to game
Primrose, J.Reynolds, R. White wins 12/17/2016 Go to game
Herman, TomBowden, Karl White wins 5/8/2017 Go to game
Foreman, AnthonyEdney, David Black wins 12/29/2016 Go to game
Edney, DavidForeman, Anthony White wins 1/20/2017 Go to game
Adams, MarkLane, Tim A. White wins 3/8/2017 Go to game
Brown, Noel A.Gallimore, C. Derek White defaulted 1/23/2017 Go to game
Ashmore, BrendanMorgan, Harry White wins 12/24/2016 Go to game
Morgan, HarryAshmore, Brendan Black wins 12/24/2016 Go to game

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