All games from North Sea Team Tournament 3 Board 3 with status Finished


Montgomery, Robert S.Adam, Claude Draw 7/12/2017 Go to game
Jónasson, JónasMontgomery, Robert S. Black wins 7/7/2017 Go to game
Montgomery, Robert S.Legemaat, Gert Black wins 5/26/2017 Go to game
Bobel, PhilippeMontgomery, Robert S. Draw 5/26/2017 Go to game
Montgomery, Robert S.Konstantinov, Maxim Black wins 2/27/2018 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewMontgomery, Robert S. Draw 1/16/2018 Go to game
Montgomery, Robert S.Nyberg, Wilfred Draw 5/10/2018 Go to game
Sjøl, HenrikMontgomery, Robert S. White wins 9/30/2018 Go to game
Montgomery, Robert S.Brandberg, Joakim Draw by adjudication 11/10/2018 Go to game
Lunek, Ferry A.Montgomery, Robert S. White wins 3/19/2018 Go to game
Adam, ClaudeJónasson, Jónas Draw 10/13/2017 Go to game
Legemaat, GertAdam, Claude Draw 5/31/2017 Go to game
Adam, ClaudeBobel, Philippe Draw 3/28/2017 Go to game
Konstantinov, MaximAdam, Claude White wins 10/7/2017 Go to game
Adam, ClaudeDearnley, Andrew Draw 5/10/2017 Go to game
Nyberg, WilfredAdam, Claude Draw 2/19/2017 Go to game
Adam, ClaudeSjøl, Henrik Draw 8/27/2017 Go to game
Brandberg, JoakimAdam, Claude Draw 6/8/2017 Go to game
Adam, ClaudeLunek, Ferry A. Draw 5/14/2017 Go to game
Jónasson, JónasLegemaat, Gert Draw 6/6/2017 Go to game
Bobel, PhilippeJónasson, Jónas White wins 11/19/2017 Go to game
Jónasson, JónasKonstantinov, Maxim Draw 10/23/2017 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewJónasson, Jónas Draw 10/27/2017 Go to game
Jónasson, JónasNyberg, Wilfred Draw 10/25/2017 Go to game
Sjøl, HenrikJónasson, Jónas White wins 8/24/2017 Go to game
Jónasson, JónasBrandberg, Joakim Black wins 3/9/2017 Go to game
Lunek, Ferry A.Jónasson, Jónas White wins 7/1/2017 Go to game
Legemaat, GertBobel, Philippe White wins 1/1/2017 Go to game
Konstantinov, MaximVerlinde, Philip Draw 10/16/2016 Go to game
Legemaat, GertDearnley, Andrew Draw 5/12/2017 Go to game
Nyberg, WilfredLegemaat, Gert Draw 2/18/2017 Go to game
Legemaat, GertSjøl, Henrik White wins 5/8/2017 Go to game
Brandberg, JoakimLegemaat, Gert Draw 4/8/2017 Go to game
Legemaat, GertLunek, Ferry A. White wins 4/4/2017 Go to game
Bobel, PhilippeKonstantinov, Maxim White wins 10/27/2016 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewBobel, Philippe Draw 4/18/2017 Go to game
Bobel, PhilippeNyberg, Wilfred Draw 1/10/2017 Go to game
Sjøl, HenrikBobel, Philippe Draw 10/8/2017 Go to game
Bobel, PhilippeBrandberg, Joakim Draw 3/2/2017 Go to game
Lunek, Ferry A.Bobel, Philippe White wins 6/3/2017 Go to game
Konstantinov, MaximDearnley, Andrew Draw 5/17/2017 Go to game
Nyberg, WilfredKonstantinov, Maxim Draw 9/22/2017 Go to game
Konstantinov, MaximSjøl, Henrik White wins 1/4/2018 Go to game
Brandberg, JoakimKonstantinov, Maxim White wins 5/28/2017 Go to game
Konstantinov, MaximLunek, Ferry A. Draw 5/22/2017 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewNyberg, Wilfred Draw 8/22/2017 Go to game
Sjøl, HenrikDearnley, Andrew Draw 4/12/2018 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewBrandberg, Joakim Draw 5/7/2017 Go to game
Lunek, Ferry A.Dearnley, Andrew Draw 5/6/2017 Go to game
Nyberg, WilfredSjøl, Henrik Draw 12/18/2017 Go to game


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