All games from European Server Championship 2015, Preliminary 18 with status Finished


Groth, Klaus-UlrichPackroff, Hermann Black wins 2/28/2016 Go to game
Pommrich, RainerGroth, Klaus-Ulrich White wins 2/23/2016 Go to game
Groth, Klaus-UlrichTassone, Raffaele Black wins 3/8/2016 Go to game
Nouveau, LaurentGroth, Klaus-Ulrich Draw 8/9/2015 Go to game
Groth, Klaus-UlrichDaróczy, Sándor Black wins 3/8/2016 Go to game
Sparnacini, StefanoGroth, Klaus-Ulrich Draw 1/2/2016 Go to game
Groth, Klaus-UlrichCompagnone, Gaetano Black wins 3/4/2016 Go to game
Cavalcanti, BrunoGroth, Klaus-Ulrich White wins 2/18/2016 Go to game
Groth, Klaus-UlrichHansen, Lars-Henrik Bech Black wins 3/8/2016 Go to game
Žunkovič, SlavkoGroth, Klaus-Ulrich White wins 3/9/2016 Go to game
Packroff, HermannPommrich, Rainer White wins 8/21/2015 Go to game
Tassone, RaffaelePackroff, Hermann Draw 1/10/2016 Go to game
Packroff, HermannNouveau, Laurent Draw 9/13/2015 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorPackroff, Hermann White wins 8/21/2015 Go to game
Packroff, HermannSparnacini, Stefano Draw 8/28/2015 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoPackroff, Hermann Draw 7/2/2016 Go to game
Packroff, HermannCavalcanti, Bruno Draw 11/4/2015 Go to game
Hansen, Lars-Henrik BechPackroff, Hermann Draw 10/27/2015 Go to game
Packroff, HermannŽunkovič, Slavko Draw 7/29/2015 Go to game
Pommrich, RainerTassone, Raffaele Draw 10/30/2016 Go to game
Nouveau, LaurentPommrich, Rainer Draw 12/17/2015 Go to game
Pommrich, RainerDaróczy, Sándor Draw 2/3/2016 Go to game
Sparnacini, StefanoPommrich, Rainer Draw 8/16/2015 Go to game
Pommrich, RainerCompagnone, Gaetano White wins 10/1/2016 Go to game
Cavalcanti, BrunoPommrich, Rainer Draw 9/9/2015 Go to game
Pommrich, RainerHansen, Lars-Henrik Bech Draw 10/4/2015 Go to game
Žunkovič, SlavkoPommrich, Rainer White wins 8/27/2015 Go to game
Tassone, RaffaeleNouveau, Laurent Draw 2/15/2016 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorTassone, Raffaele White wins 5/6/2016 Go to game
Tassone, RaffaeleSparnacini, Stefano Draw 7/26/2016 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoTassone, Raffaele White wins 5/16/2016 Go to game
Tassone, RaffaeleCavalcanti, Bruno Black wins 8/28/2016 Go to game
Hansen, Lars-Henrik BechTassone, Raffaele Draw 4/3/2016 Go to game
Tassone, RaffaeleŽunkovič, Slavko Draw 8/6/2016 Go to game
Nouveau, LaurentDaróczy, Sándor Draw 2/15/2016 Go to game
Sparnacini, StefanoNouveau, Laurent Draw 10/4/2015 Go to game
Nouveau, LaurentCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 7/6/2016 Go to game
Cavalcanti, BrunoNouveau, Laurent Draw 10/24/2015 Go to game
Nouveau, LaurentHansen, Lars-Henrik Bech White wins 10/7/2015 Go to game
Žunkovič, SlavkoNouveau, Laurent Draw 7/22/2016 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorSparnacini, Stefano Draw 9/18/2015 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoDaróczy, Sándor White wins 5/15/2016 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorCavalcanti, Bruno Black wins 3/12/2016 Go to game
Hansen, Lars-Henrik BechDaróczy, Sándor Draw 2/27/2016 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorŽunkovič, Slavko Black wins 3/12/2016 Go to game
Sparnacini, StefanoCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 10/2/2016 Go to game
Cavalcanti, BrunoSparnacini, Stefano Draw 8/25/2015 Go to game
Sparnacini, StefanoHansen, Lars-Henrik Bech Draw 10/2/2015 Go to game
Žunkovič, SlavkoSparnacini, Stefano Draw 7/15/2015 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoCavalcanti, Bruno White wins 9/5/2016 Go to game


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