All games from Challenger League 2017 Gr3 with status Finished


Malashenkov, Alexei ValerievichColin, Sonny Draw 4/19/2015 Go to game
Rogos, JánMalashenkov, Alexei Valerievich Draw 9/19/2015 Go to game
Malashenkov, Alexei ValerievichWojnar, Mariusz Draw 9/17/2015 Go to game
Holroyd, KennethMalashenkov, Alexei Valerievich Draw 9/1/2015 Go to game
Malashenkov, Alexei ValerievichTriay Moll, Liberto Draw 6/25/2015 Go to game
Rudyak, Ivan DmitrievichMalashenkov, Alexei Valerievich Draw 2/1/2016 Go to game
Malashenkov, Alexei ValerievichEnkalo, Mykola Draw 1/4/2016 Go to game
Bißmann, StefanMalashenkov, Alexei Valerievich Draw 1/17/2016 Go to game
Malashenkov, Alexei ValerievichWalczak, Piotr Draw 5/26/2015 Go to game
Voiculescu, CostelMalashenkov, Alexei Valerievich Draw 2/11/2016 Go to game
Malashenkov, Alexei ValerievichGudzovaty, Yury Vasilievich White wins 3/27/2016 Go to game
Koutas, DimitrisMalashenkov, Alexei Valerievich Draw 11/27/2015 Go to game
Colin, SonnyRogos, Ján Draw 1/6/2016 Go to game
Wojnar, MariuszColin, Sonny Draw 12/6/2015 Go to game
Colin, SonnyHolroyd, Kenneth Draw 9/2/2015 Go to game
Triay Moll, LibertoColin, Sonny Draw 10/3/2015 Go to game
Colin, SonnyRudyak, Ivan Dmitrievich Draw 12/21/2015 Go to game
Enkalo, MykolaColin, Sonny Draw 11/29/2015 Go to game
Colin, SonnyBißmann, Stefan Draw 10/12/2015 Go to game
Walczak, PiotrColin, Sonny Draw 4/26/2015 Go to game
Colin, SonnyVoiculescu, Costel Draw 2/3/2016 Go to game
Gudzovaty, Yury VasilievichColin, Sonny Draw 7/17/2015 Go to game
Colin, SonnyKoutas, Dimitris Draw 1/19/2016 Go to game
Rogos, JánWojnar, Mariusz White wins 4/21/2016 Go to game
Holroyd, KennethRogos, Ján Draw 5/3/2016 Go to game
Rogos, JánTriay Moll, Liberto Draw 11/1/2015 Go to game
Rudyak, Ivan DmitrievichRogos, Ján Draw 3/16/2016 Go to game
Rogos, JánEnkalo, Mykola Draw 5/22/2016 Go to game
Bißmann, StefanRogos, Ján Draw 1/31/2016 Go to game
Rogos, JánWalczak, Piotr Draw 2/6/2016 Go to game
Voiculescu, CostelRogos, Ján Draw 5/8/2016 Go to game
Rogos, JánGudzovaty, Yury Vasilievich Draw 6/10/2016 Go to game
Koutas, DimitrisRogos, Ján Draw 8/20/2016 Go to game
Wojnar, MariuszHolroyd, Kenneth Black wins 5/4/2016 Go to game
Triay Moll, LibertoWojnar, Mariusz Draw 12/1/2015 Go to game
Wojnar, MariuszRudyak, Ivan Dmitrievich Draw 4/8/2016 Go to game
Enkalo, MykolaWojnar, Mariusz White wins 7/3/2016 Go to game
Wojnar, MariuszBißmann, Stefan Draw 7/25/2016 Go to game
Walczak, PiotrWojnar, Mariusz White wins 4/21/2016 Go to game
Wojnar, MariuszVoiculescu, Costel Draw 5/14/2016 Go to game
Gudzovaty, Yury VasilievichWojnar, Mariusz White wins 10/6/2016 Go to game
Wojnar, MariuszKoutas, Dimitris Draw 3/21/2016 Go to game
Holroyd, KennethTriay Moll, Liberto Draw 9/4/2015 Go to game
Rudyak, Ivan DmitrievichHolroyd, Kenneth Draw 3/28/2016 Go to game
Holroyd, KennethEnkalo, Mykola White wins 2/28/2016 Go to game
Bißmann, StefanHolroyd, Kenneth Draw 1/24/2016 Go to game
Holroyd, KennethWalczak, Piotr Draw 9/1/2015 Go to game
Voiculescu, CostelHolroyd, Kenneth Draw 12/20/2015 Go to game
Holroyd, KennethGudzovaty, Yury Vasilievich Draw 3/4/2016 Go to game
Koutas, DimitrisHolroyd, Kenneth Draw 12/12/2015 Go to game


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