All games from 10th European Team Championship - Semifinal 3 Board 6 with status Finished


Eklund, Lars-GöranGinzbursky, Leonid Draw 12/3/2014 Go to game
Ginzbursky, LeonidCorbat, Philippe Black wins 3/19/2015 Go to game
Kreindl, HelmutGinzbursky, Leonid White wins 1/18/2015 Go to game
Ginzbursky, LeonidMartín Martín, Oscar Black wins 5/17/2015 Go to game
Marez, SébastienGinzbursky, Leonid White wins 9/29/2015 Go to game
Ginzbursky, LeonidShetko, Leonid Vladimirovich Draw 11/27/2014 Go to game
Schuller, Jean-ClaudeGinzbursky, Leonid Draw 4/13/2015 Go to game
Ginzbursky, LeonidMeško, Jozef Black wins 9/10/2015 Go to game
Lovaković, FranjoGinzbursky, Leonid White wins 5/26/2015 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeEklund, Lars-Göran Draw 2/8/2015 Go to game
Eklund, Lars-GöranKreindl, Helmut Draw 10/25/2014 Go to game
Martín Martín, OscarEklund, Lars-Göran Draw 10/4/2015 Go to game
Eklund, Lars-GöranMarez, Sébastien Draw 11/30/2014 Go to game
Shetko, Leonid VladimirovichEklund, Lars-Göran Draw 10/22/2015 Go to game
Eklund, Lars-GöranSchuller, Jean-Claude Draw 8/30/2015 Go to game
Meško, Jozef Eklund, Lars-Göran Draw 8/11/2015 Go to game
Eklund, Lars-GöranLovaković, Franjo Black wins 3/24/2016 Go to game
Kreindl, HelmutCorbat, Philippe Draw 6/18/2015 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeMartín Martín, Oscar Draw 8/25/2014 Go to game
Marez, SébastienCorbat, Philippe Draw 11/16/2014 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeShetko, Leonid Vladimirovich White wins 6/28/2015 Go to game
Schuller, Jean-ClaudeCorbat, Philippe Draw 5/22/2015 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeMeško, Jozef Draw 12/19/2014 Go to game
Lovaković, FranjoCorbat, Philippe Draw 9/27/2014 Go to game
Martín Martín, OscarKreindl, Helmut White wins 5/1/2015 Go to game
Kreindl, HelmutMarez, Sébastien Draw 11/1/2014 Go to game
Shetko, Leonid VladimirovichKreindl, Helmut Draw 2/2/2015 Go to game
Kreindl, HelmutSchuller, Jean-Claude Draw 1/30/2015 Go to game
Meško, Jozef Kreindl, Helmut Draw 2/23/2016 Go to game
Kreindl, HelmutLovaković, Franjo Draw 4/9/2015 Go to game
Marez, SébastienMartín Martín, Oscar Draw 6/16/2015 Go to game
Martín Martín, OscarShetko, Leonid Vladimirovich Draw 3/10/2015 Go to game
Schuller, Jean-ClaudeMartín Martín, Oscar Draw 3/10/2015 Go to game
Martín Martín, OscarMeško, Jozef White wins 9/11/2015 Go to game
Lovaković, FranjoMartín Martín, Oscar Draw 9/28/2014 Go to game
Shetko, Leonid VladimirovichMarez, Sébastien White wins 12/14/2015 Go to game
Marez, SébastienSchuller, Jean-Claude Black wins 9/14/2015 Go to game
Meško, Jozef Marez, Sébastien Black wins 7/11/2015 Go to game
Marez, SébastienLovaković, Franjo Draw 3/11/2015 Go to game
Schuller, Jean-ClaudeShetko, Leonid Vladimirovich Draw 4/3/2015 Go to game
Shetko, Leonid VladimirovichMeško, Jozef Draw 8/7/2015 Go to game
Lovaković, FranjoShetko, Leonid Vladimirovich Draw 12/20/2014 Go to game
Meško, Jozef Schuller, Jean-Claude Draw 1/14/2015 Go to game
Schuller, Jean-ClaudeLovaković, Franjo Draw 9/17/2014 Go to game
Lovaković, FranjoMeško, Jozef Draw 2/5/2015 Go to game

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