All games from Palciauskas Invitational Section B with status Finished


Andéer, StefanMorrow, Wolff Draw 5/27/2014 Go to game
Schuster, PeterAndéer, Stefan Draw 6/10/2014 Go to game
Andéer, StefanSelen, Dinçer Draw 5/20/2015 Go to game
Labonté, RichardAndéer, Stefan Draw 10/9/2014 Go to game
Andéer, StefanDutra, Alfredo Draw 9/17/2014 Go to game
Green, Wesley C.Andéer, Stefan Draw 7/9/2014 Go to game
Andéer, StefanFuller, William E. White wins 6/20/2014 Go to game
Zarnescu, MariusAndéer, Stefan Draw 10/21/2014 Go to game
Andéer, StefanAdelseck, Herbert Draw 10/7/2014 Go to game
Sutkus, VytautasAndéer, Stefan Draw 8/10/2014 Go to game
Andéer, StefanBallow, John Draw 9/28/2014 Go to game
Dunlop, GordonAndéer, Stefan Black wins 11/20/2014 Go to game
Andéer, StefanKlausen, Tor-Arne Draw 7/8/2014 Go to game
Fass, Robert N.Andéer, Stefan White wins 5/16/2015 Go to game
Morrow, WolffSchuster, Peter Draw 5/15/2014 Go to game
Selen, DinçerMorrow, Wolff Draw 10/6/2014 Go to game
Morrow, WolffLabonté, Richard White wins 11/3/2014 Go to game
Dutra, AlfredoMorrow, Wolff Draw 7/26/2014 Go to game
Morrow, WolffGreen, Wesley C. Draw 8/18/2014 Go to game
Fuller, William E.Morrow, Wolff Draw 6/3/2014 Go to game
Morrow, WolffZarnescu, Marius White wins 3/15/2015 Go to game
Adelseck, HerbertMorrow, Wolff Draw 6/29/2014 Go to game
Morrow, WolffSutkus, Vytautas Draw 5/22/2014 Go to game
Ballow, JohnMorrow, Wolff Draw 8/18/2014 Go to game
Morrow, WolffDunlop, Gordon White wins 11/21/2014 Go to game
Klausen, Tor-ArneMorrow, Wolff Draw 6/1/2014 Go to game
Morrow, WolffFass, Robert N. Draw 1/1/2015 Go to game
Schuster, PeterSelen, Dinçer White wins 2/16/2015 Go to game
Labonté, RichardSchuster, Peter Draw 10/2/2014 Go to game
Schuster, PeterDutra, Alfredo Draw 8/31/2014 Go to game
Green, Wesley C.Schuster, Peter White wins 10/14/2014 Go to game
Schuster, PeterFuller, William E. Draw 5/31/2014 Go to game
Zarnescu, MariusSchuster, Peter Draw 10/1/2014 Go to game
Schuster, PeterAdelseck, Herbert Draw 7/8/2014 Go to game
Sutkus, VytautasSchuster, Peter Draw 8/11/2014 Go to game
Schuster, PeterBallow, John Draw 6/10/2014 Go to game
Dunlop, GordonSchuster, Peter Draw 1/3/2015 Go to game
Schuster, PeterKlausen, Tor-Arne Draw 7/5/2014 Go to game
Fass, Robert N.Schuster, Peter Draw 12/21/2014 Go to game
Selen, DinçerLabonté, Richard Black wins 11/22/2015 Go to game
Dutra, AlfredoSelen, Dinçer White wins 12/20/2014 Go to game
Selen, DinçerGreen, Wesley C. Draw 3/12/2015 Go to game
Fuller, William E.Selen, Dinçer Black wins 7/1/2015 Go to game
Selen, DinçerZarnescu, Marius Draw 9/6/2015 Go to game
Adelseck, HerbertSelen, Dinçer White wins 9/25/2015 Go to game
Selen, DinçerSutkus, Vytautas Draw 7/27/2015 Go to game
Ballow, JohnSelen, Dinçer White wins 11/24/2015 Go to game
Selen, DinçerDunlop, Gordon Draw 1/2/2015 Go to game
Klausen, Tor-ArneSelen, Dinçer Draw 6/1/2015 Go to game
Selen, DinçerFass, Robert N. Draw 1/11/2015 Go to game


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