All games from World Cup XVII Final with status Finished


Zylla, JohannesKudela, Stanislav Draw 4/8/2016 Go to game
Moll, ReinhardZylla, Johannes Draw 4/8/2016 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesOseledets, Kirill Valerievich Black wins 11/3/2015 Go to game
Bauer, RobertZylla, Johannes White wins 8/12/2015 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesGleichmann, Matthias Black wins 4/7/2016 Go to game
Machýček, LubomírZylla, Johannes Draw 7/1/2015 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesThompson, Brian Black wins 8/24/2015 Go to game
Pierzak, RafaelZylla, Johannes White wins 5/26/2015 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesEfremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich Draw 4/22/2015 Go to game
Sikorsky, HorstZylla, Johannes Draw 10/13/2014 Go to game
Zylla, JohannesBrewer, Shaun Draw 6/5/2015 Go to game
Ziese, Gerhard (Leipzig)Zylla, Johannes White wins 2/21/2015 Go to game
Kudela, StanislavMoll, Reinhard Draw 10/13/2015 Go to game
Oseledets, Kirill ValerievichKudela, Stanislav White wins 1/24/2016 Go to game
Kudela, StanislavBauer, Robert Draw 10/1/2015 Go to game
Gleichmann, MatthiasKudela, Stanislav White wins 4/8/2016 Go to game
Kudela, StanislavMachýček, Lubomír Draw 3/2/2016 Go to game
Thompson, BrianKudela, Stanislav Draw 7/15/2015 Go to game
Kudela, StanislavPierzak, Rafael Draw 10/14/2014 Go to game
Efremov, Aleksandr GennadievichKudela, Stanislav Draw 1/19/2016 Go to game
Kudela, StanislavSikorsky, Horst Draw 4/13/2015 Go to game
Brewer, ShaunKudela, Stanislav Black wins 5/8/2015 Go to game
Kudela, StanislavZiese, Gerhard (Leipzig) Draw 3/9/2015 Go to game
Moll, ReinhardOseledets, Kirill Valerievich Draw 12/9/2014 Go to game
Bauer, RobertMoll, Reinhard Draw 12/3/2014 Go to game
Moll, ReinhardGleichmann, Matthias Black wins 3/16/2016 Go to game
Machýček, LubomírMoll, Reinhard Black wins 10/20/2016 Go to game
Moll, ReinhardThompson, Brian White wins 12/15/2014 Go to game
Pierzak, RafaelMoll, Reinhard Draw 12/8/2014 Go to game
Moll, ReinhardEfremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich Draw 6/14/2015 Go to game
Sikorsky, HorstMoll, Reinhard Draw 10/12/2014 Go to game
Moll, ReinhardBrewer, Shaun White wins 9/29/2015 Go to game
Ziese, Gerhard (Leipzig)Moll, Reinhard Draw 3/22/2015 Go to game
Oseledets, Kirill ValerievichBauer, Robert Draw 1/19/2015 Go to game
Gleichmann, MatthiasOseledets, Kirill Valerievich Draw 10/20/2015 Go to game
Oseledets, Kirill ValerievichMachýček, Lubomír Draw 5/23/2017 Go to game
Thompson, BrianOseledets, Kirill Valerievich Black wins 4/24/2016 Go to game
Oseledets, Kirill ValerievichPierzak, Rafael Draw 1/14/2015 Go to game
Efremov, Aleksandr GennadievichOseledets, Kirill Valerievich Draw 1/5/2015 Go to game
Oseledets, Kirill ValerievichSikorsky, Horst Draw 3/12/2015 Go to game
Brewer, ShaunOseledets, Kirill Valerievich Black wins 12/3/2014 Go to game
Oseledets, Kirill ValerievichZiese, Gerhard (Leipzig) White wins 8/25/2015 Go to game
Bauer, RobertGleichmann, Matthias Draw 4/7/2015 Go to game
Machýček, LubomírBauer, Robert Draw 6/15/2015 Go to game
Bauer, RobertThompson, Brian White wins 3/19/2015 Go to game
Pierzak, RafaelBauer, Robert Draw 11/27/2014 Go to game
Bauer, RobertEfremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich Draw 4/13/2015 Go to game
Sikorsky, HorstBauer, Robert Draw 1/16/2015 Go to game
Bauer, RobertBrewer, Shaun Draw 3/24/2015 Go to game
Ziese, Gerhard (Leipzig)Bauer, Robert Draw 10/8/2014 Go to game


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