All games from Öppna SM 2012 final with status Finished


Mozelius, PeterBrissman, Anders Draw 9/30/2014 Go to game
Melander, BirgerMozelius, Peter Black wins 12/15/2014 Go to game
Mozelius, PeterSvensson, Leif White wins 6/22/2014 Go to game
Qwarfort, FredrikMozelius, Peter White wins 11/4/2014 Go to game
Mozelius, PeterSundberg, Lars White wins 5/30/2014 Go to game
Engwall, ClasMozelius, Peter Draw 10/20/2014 Go to game
Mozelius, PeterFransson, Peter Draw 8/4/2014 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikMozelius, Peter Black wins 5/13/2014 Go to game
Brissman, AndersMelander, Birger Draw 9/16/2014 Go to game
Svensson, LeifBrissman, Anders Draw 8/22/2014 Go to game
Brissman, AndersQwarfort, Fredrik Draw 7/6/2014 Go to game
Sundberg, LarsBrissman, Anders Black wins 5/30/2014 Go to game
Brissman, AndersEngwall, Clas Black wins 3/11/2015 Go to game
Fransson, PeterBrissman, Anders White wins 10/30/2014 Go to game
Brissman, AndersÅberg, Lars-Erik Draw 8/5/2014 Go to game
Melander, BirgerSvensson, Leif Draw 6/16/2014 Go to game
Qwarfort, FredrikMelander, Birger White wins 9/1/2014 Go to game
Melander, BirgerSundberg, Lars White wins 5/30/2014 Go to game
Engwall, ClasMelander, Birger Draw 10/5/2014 Go to game
Melander, BirgerFransson, Peter Draw 9/18/2014 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikMelander, Birger Draw 7/28/2014 Go to game
Svensson, LeifQwarfort, Fredrik Black wins 11/21/2014 Go to game
Sundberg, LarsSvensson, Leif Black wins 5/30/2014 Go to game
Svensson, LeifEngwall, Clas Draw 9/21/2014 Go to game
Fransson, PeterSvensson, Leif Draw 10/14/2014 Go to game
Svensson, LeifÅberg, Lars-Erik Draw 8/28/2014 Go to game
Qwarfort, FredrikSundberg, Lars White wins 5/30/2014 Go to game
Engwall, ClasQwarfort, Fredrik Draw 3/18/2015 Go to game
Qwarfort, FredrikFransson, Peter Draw 8/3/2014 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikQwarfort, Fredrik Black wins 9/11/2014 Go to game
Sundberg, LarsEngwall, Clas Black wins 5/30/2014 Go to game
Fransson, PeterSundberg, Lars White wins 4/10/2014 Go to game
Sundberg, LarsÅberg, Lars-Erik Black wins 5/5/2014 Go to game
Engwall, ClasFransson, Peter White wins 11/26/2014 Go to game
Åberg, Lars-ErikEngwall, Clas Draw 8/13/2014 Go to game
Fransson, PeterÅberg, Lars-Erik White wins 9/14/2014 Go to game

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