All games from 63° Italian Championship - Final with status Finished


Secchi, DinoCompagnone, Gaetano White wins 11/9/2013 Go to game
Pecis, GianfrancoSecchi, Dino Draw 11/30/2013 Go to game
Secchi, DinoSalvatore, Carmine White wins 12/1/2014 Go to game
Belletti, LucaSecchi, Dino Draw 1/1/2014 Go to game
Secchi, DinoAlderisio, Piero Draw 7/28/2014 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaSecchi, Dino Draw 2/9/2014 Go to game
Secchi, DinoBertagna, Italo White wins 2/21/2014 Go to game
Bolignano, GiuseppeSecchi, Dino Draw 10/23/2013 Go to game
Secchi, DinoVenni, Alberto White wins 1/30/2014 Go to game
Dell'Isola, VincenzoSecchi, Dino Draw 1/31/2014 Go to game
Secchi, DinoBondi, Andrea Draw 10/26/2013 Go to game
Boccia, Mattia MarioSecchi, Dino Draw 1/18/2014 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoPecis, Gianfranco Draw 10/15/2013 Go to game
Salvatore, CarmineCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 1/11/2014 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoBelletti, Luca Draw 10/10/2013 Go to game
Alderisio, PieroCompagnone, Gaetano White wins 11/1/2013 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoLatronico, Nicola Draw 2/23/2014 Go to game
Bertagna, ItaloCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 10/12/2013 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoBolignano, Giuseppe Draw 9/10/2013 Go to game
Venni, AlbertoCompagnone, Gaetano White wins 12/3/2013 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoDell'Isola, Vincenzo Black wins 2/4/2014 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaCompagnone, Gaetano White wins 10/6/2013 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoBoccia, Mattia Mario Draw 10/13/2013 Go to game
Pecis, GianfrancoSalvatore, Carmine Draw 12/26/2013 Go to game
Belletti, LucaPecis, Gianfranco Draw 8/26/2014 Go to game
Pecis, GianfrancoAlderisio, Piero Draw 10/15/2013 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaPecis, Gianfranco Draw 7/10/2014 Go to game
Pecis, GianfrancoBertagna, Italo Draw 7/9/2013 Go to game
Bolignano, GiuseppePecis, Gianfranco Draw 4/15/2013 Go to game
Pecis, GianfrancoVenni, Alberto Draw 12/7/2013 Go to game
Dell'Isola, VincenzoPecis, Gianfranco Draw 4/29/2014 Go to game
Pecis, GianfrancoBondi, Andrea White wins 4/23/2013 Go to game
Boccia, Mattia MarioPecis, Gianfranco Draw 10/16/2013 Go to game
Salvatore, CarmineBelletti, Luca Draw 2/19/2014 Go to game
Alderisio, PieroSalvatore, Carmine Draw 6/16/2014 Go to game
Salvatore, CarmineLatronico, Nicola Draw 2/2/2014 Go to game
Bertagna, ItaloSalvatore, Carmine Draw 9/15/2013 Go to game
Salvatore, CarmineBolignano, Giuseppe Draw 9/9/2013 Go to game
Venni, AlbertoSalvatore, Carmine Black wins 4/5/2014 Go to game
Salvatore, CarmineDell'Isola, Vincenzo Draw 11/4/2013 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaSalvatore, Carmine Draw 2/19/2014 Go to game
Salvatore, CarmineBoccia, Mattia Mario Draw 12/15/2013 Go to game
Belletti, LucaAlderisio, Piero Draw 1/9/2014 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaBelletti, Luca White wins 7/27/2014 Go to game
Belletti, LucaBertagna, Italo White wins 3/23/2014 Go to game
Bolignano, GiuseppeBelletti, Luca Black wins 3/29/2014 Go to game
Belletti, LucaVenni, Alberto White wins 3/6/2014 Go to game
Dell'Isola, VincenzoBelletti, Luca Draw 10/28/2013 Go to game
Belletti, LucaBondi, Andrea Draw 8/16/2013 Go to game
Boccia, Mattia MarioBelletti, Luca Draw 10/13/2013 Go to game


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