All games from 27. Ukraine Championship First League group 1 with status Finished


Malysh, AnatolyAnokhin, Yury Draw 4/2/2014 Go to game
Degtyaryov, SergeyMalysh, Anatoly Cancelled 5/21/2013 Go to game
Malysh, AnatolyBabychuk, Vladimir Draw 10/30/2013 Go to game
Kasyan, AlexanderMalysh, Anatoly White wins 6/24/2013 Go to game
Malysh, AnatolyKorzh, Leonty Draw 4/16/2013 Go to game
Kochan, IgorMalysh, Anatoly White wins 7/4/2013 Go to game
Malysh, AnatolyKoshmak, Iurii Black wins 4/2/2014 Go to game
Fedak, LubomirMalysh, Anatoly White wins 3/13/2013 Go to game
Malysh, AnatolyKovalsky, Sergey Draw 10/30/2013 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyMalysh, Anatoly Draw 4/16/2013 Go to game
Anokhin, YuryDegtyaryov, Sergey Cancelled 3/26/2013 Go to game
Babychuk, VladimirAnokhin, Yury Black wins 10/27/2013 Go to game
Anokhin, YuryKasyan, Alexander Draw 7/13/2013 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyAnokhin, Yury Black wins 4/29/2013 Go to game
Anokhin, YuryKochan, Igor Draw 3/5/2013 Go to game
Koshmak, IuriiAnokhin, Yury Draw 6/23/2013 Go to game
Anokhin, YuryFedak, Lubomir Draw 4/1/2013 Go to game
Kovalsky, SergeyAnokhin, Yury White defaulted 10/21/2013 Go to game
Anokhin, YuryBaranyuk, Andrey White wins 6/21/2013 Go to game
Degtyaryov, SergeyBabychuk, Vladimir Cancelled 5/21/2013 Go to game
Kasyan, AlexanderDegtyaryov, Sergey Cancelled 4/1/2013 Go to game
Degtyaryov, SergeyKorzh, Leonty Cancelled 5/21/2013 Go to game
Kochan, IgorDegtyaryov, Sergey Cancelled 5/21/2013 Go to game
Degtyaryov, SergeyKoshmak, Iurii Cancelled 5/21/2013 Go to game
Fedak, LubomirDegtyaryov, Sergey Cancelled 3/28/2013 Go to game
Degtyaryov, SergeyKovalsky, Sergey Cancelled 5/21/2013 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyDegtyaryov, Sergey Cancelled 4/1/2013 Go to game
Babychuk, VladimirKasyan, Alexander Black wins 7/5/2013 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyBabychuk, Vladimir White wins 11/2/2013 Go to game
Babychuk, VladimirKochan, Igor White wins 2/23/2014 Go to game
Koshmak, IuriiBabychuk, Vladimir White wins 8/30/2013 Go to game
Babychuk, VladimirFedak, Lubomir Black wins 6/17/2013 Go to game
Kovalsky, SergeyBabychuk, Vladimir White wins 12/11/2013 Go to game
Babychuk, VladimirBaranyuk, Andrey Black wins 6/17/2013 Go to game
Kasyan, AlexanderKorzh, Leonty White wins 5/3/2013 Go to game
Kochan, IgorKasyan, Alexander Draw 4/3/2013 Go to game
Kasyan, AlexanderKoshmak, Iurii Draw 3/24/2013 Go to game
Fedak, LubomirKasyan, Alexander Draw 2/8/2013 Go to game
Kasyan, AlexanderKovalsky, Sergey White wins 5/17/2013 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyKasyan, Alexander Black wins 6/16/2013 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyKochan, Igor Draw 3/19/2013 Go to game
Koshmak, IuriiKorzh, Leonty White wins 5/30/2013 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyFedak, Lubomir Black wins 2/19/2013 Go to game
Kovalsky, SergeyKorzh, Leonty White wins 4/14/2013 Go to game
Korzh, LeontyBaranyuk, Andrey Draw 2/28/2013 Go to game
Kochan, IgorKoshmak, Iurii Draw 12/7/2013 Go to game
Fedak, LubomirKochan, Igor Draw 4/24/2013 Go to game
Kochan, IgorKovalsky, Sergey Draw 4/2/2013 Go to game
Baranyuk, AndreyKochan, Igor Draw 11/6/2013 Go to game
Koshmak, IuriiFedak, Lubomir Draw 5/13/2013 Go to game


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