All games from ICCF Olympiad 18 Final Board 3 with status Finished


Fleetwood, Daniel M.Daubenfeld, Nico Black wins 12/31/2013 Go to game
Kolčák, MarekFleetwood, Daniel M. White wins 12/27/2013 Go to game
Fleetwood, Daniel M.Gusan, Boris Draw 10/18/2013 Go to game
Borštnik, AlešFleetwood, Daniel M. Draw 1/18/2014 Go to game
Fleetwood, Daniel M.Jaulneau, Christophe Draw 2/20/2014 Go to game
Siikaluoma, AunoFleetwood, Daniel M. Draw 4/23/2013 Go to game
Fleetwood, Daniel M.Rydholm, Lennart Draw 1/10/2014 Go to game
Voss, MaximilianFleetwood, Daniel M. Draw 12/31/2013 Go to game
Fleetwood, Daniel M.Dothan, Yoav White wins 5/15/2013 Go to game
Velilla Velasco, Francisco de AsísFleetwood, Daniel M. Draw 12/10/2013 Go to game
Fleetwood, Daniel M.Nekhaev, Andrey Ivanovich Draw 10/18/2013 Go to game
Cesetti, ClaudioFleetwood, Daniel M. Draw 2/26/2013 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoKolčák, Marek Draw 11/1/2013 Go to game
Gusan, BorisDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 9/7/2013 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoBorštnik, Aleš Draw 9/29/2013 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 9/2/2013 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoSiikaluoma, Auno Draw 5/21/2013 Go to game
Rydholm, LennartDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 7/8/2013 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoVoss, Maximilian Draw 7/23/2013 Go to game
Dothan, YoavDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 10/19/2013 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoVelilla Velasco, Francisco de Asís Draw 5/23/2013 Go to game
Nekhaev, Andrey IvanovichDaubenfeld, Nico Draw 5/25/2013 Go to game
Daubenfeld, NicoCesetti, Claudio Draw 6/29/2013 Go to game
Kolčák, MarekGusan, Boris Draw 1/3/2014 Go to game
Borštnik, AlešKolčák, Marek Draw 4/9/2014 Go to game
Kolčák, MarekJaulneau, Christophe Draw 6/22/2014 Go to game
Siikaluoma, AunoKolčák, Marek Draw 10/3/2013 Go to game
Kolčák, MarekRydholm, Lennart Draw 11/13/2013 Go to game
Voss, MaximilianKolčák, Marek Draw 11/17/2013 Go to game
Kolčák, MarekDothan, Yoav Draw 9/10/2013 Go to game
Velilla Velasco, Francisco de AsísKolčák, Marek White wins 5/14/2014 Go to game
Kolčák, MarekNekhaev, Andrey Ivanovich Draw 5/21/2014 Go to game
Cesetti, ClaudioKolčák, Marek Draw 8/31/2013 Go to game
Gusan, BorisBorštnik, Aleš Draw 11/25/2013 Go to game
Jaulneau, ChristopheGusan, Boris Draw 9/4/2013 Go to game
Gusan, BorisSiikaluoma, Auno Draw 7/24/2013 Go to game
Rydholm, LennartGusan, Boris Draw 2/16/2014 Go to game
Gusan, BorisVoss, Maximilian Draw 1/23/2013 Go to game
Dothan, YoavGusan, Boris Draw 7/1/2013 Go to game
Gusan, BorisVelilla Velasco, Francisco de Asís Draw 8/12/2013 Go to game
Nekhaev, Andrey IvanovichGusan, Boris Draw 7/28/2014 Go to game
Gusan, BorisCesetti, Claudio Draw 1/6/2014 Go to game
Borštnik, AlešJaulneau, Christophe White wins 6/1/2014 Go to game
Siikaluoma, AunoBorštnik, Aleš Draw 2/2/2014 Go to game
Borštnik, AlešRydholm, Lennart Draw 3/5/2014 Go to game
Voss, MaximilianBorštnik, Aleš Draw 10/27/2013 Go to game
Borštnik, AlešDothan, Yoav Draw 9/1/2013 Go to game
Velilla Velasco, Francisco de AsísBorštnik, Aleš Draw 1/16/2014 Go to game
Borštnik, AlešNekhaev, Andrey Ivanovich White wins 10/21/2015 Go to game
Cesetti, ClaudioBorštnik, Aleš Draw 10/21/2013 Go to game


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