All games from Champions League 2012 B2 with status Finished


Montella, SalvatoreVerhoef, Helge Draw 6/1/2013 Go to game
Schmidt, MatthiasMontella, Salvatore White wins 1/13/2014 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreFečo, Ján Draw 4/21/2013 Go to game
Nizky, Roman YakovlevichMontella, Salvatore White wins 3/11/2014 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreSądowski, Marek Draw 4/7/2014 Go to game
Johansson, ThomasMontella, Salvatore White wins 12/27/2013 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreMikheev, Stanislav Valerievich Draw 5/8/2013 Go to game
Crăciuneanu, ViorelMontella, Salvatore Draw 6/18/2013 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreIvanov, Alexandr Sergeevich Draw 5/6/2013 Go to game
Poli, GiuseppeMontella, Salvatore Draw 6/24/2013 Go to game
Montella, SalvatoreEfremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich Draw 6/20/2013 Go to game
Eberl, Hans-ChristianMontella, Salvatore White wins 7/1/2014 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeSchmidt, Matthias Draw 4/27/2013 Go to game
Fečo, JánVerhoef, Helge Draw 6/30/2013 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeNizky, Roman Yakovlevich Draw 8/5/2013 Go to game
Sądowski, MarekVerhoef, Helge Draw 9/19/2013 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeJohansson, Thomas Draw 3/15/2013 Go to game
Mikheev, Stanislav ValerievichVerhoef, Helge Draw 5/22/2013 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeCrăciuneanu, Viorel White wins 12/23/2013 Go to game
Ivanov, Alexandr SergeevichVerhoef, Helge White wins 12/3/2013 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgePoli, Giuseppe Draw 5/11/2013 Go to game
Efremov, Aleksandr GennadievichVerhoef, Helge Draw 6/3/2013 Go to game
Verhoef, HelgeEberl, Hans-Christian White wins 8/4/2013 Go to game
Schmidt, MatthiasFečo, Ján Draw 3/5/2013 Go to game
Nizky, Roman YakovlevichSchmidt, Matthias Draw 7/14/2013 Go to game
Schmidt, MatthiasSądowski, Marek Draw 7/14/2013 Go to game
Johansson, ThomasSchmidt, Matthias Draw 4/28/2013 Go to game
Schmidt, MatthiasMikheev, Stanislav Valerievich Draw 5/5/2013 Go to game
Crăciuneanu, ViorelSchmidt, Matthias Black wins 8/22/2013 Go to game
Schmidt, MatthiasIvanov, Alexandr Sergeevich Draw 1/11/2013 Go to game
Poli, GiuseppeSchmidt, Matthias Draw 4/19/2013 Go to game
Schmidt, MatthiasEfremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich Draw 5/15/2013 Go to game
Eberl, Hans-ChristianSchmidt, Matthias Black wins 10/11/2013 Go to game
Fečo, JánNizky, Roman Yakovlevich White wins 8/31/2013 Go to game
Sądowski, MarekFečo, Ján Draw 7/17/2013 Go to game
Fečo, JánJohansson, Thomas Draw 11/24/2012 Go to game
Mikheev, Stanislav ValerievichFečo, Ján Draw 5/30/2013 Go to game
Fečo, JánCrăciuneanu, Viorel White wins 9/7/2013 Go to game
Ivanov, Alexandr SergeevichFečo, Ján Draw 3/14/2013 Go to game
Fečo, JánPoli, Giuseppe Draw 3/14/2013 Go to game
Efremov, Aleksandr GennadievichFečo, Ján Draw 3/2/2013 Go to game
Fečo, JánEberl, Hans-Christian White wins 10/3/2013 Go to game
Nizky, Roman YakovlevichSądowski, Marek Draw 9/25/2013 Go to game
Johansson, ThomasNizky, Roman Yakovlevich White wins 10/16/2013 Go to game
Nizky, Roman YakovlevichMikheev, Stanislav Valerievich Draw 10/31/2013 Go to game
Crăciuneanu, ViorelNizky, Roman Yakovlevich Draw 6/15/2013 Go to game
Nizky, Roman YakovlevichIvanov, Alexandr Sergeevich Draw 7/31/2013 Go to game
Poli, GiuseppeNizky, Roman Yakovlevich Draw 6/24/2013 Go to game
Nizky, Roman YakovlevichEfremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich Black wins 5/28/2013 Go to game
Eberl, Hans-ChristianNizky, Roman Yakovlevich Draw 6/17/2013 Go to game


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