All games from Champions League 2012 B1 with status Finished


Schüppen, HeinzLatronico, Nicola Draw 3/4/2013 Go to game
Fagerström, BjörnSchüppen, Heinz Draw 4/24/2013 Go to game
Schüppen, HeinzLobanov, Evgeny Vasilievich Black wins 6/10/2013 Go to game
Rümmele, MichaelSchüppen, Heinz White wins 6/23/2013 Go to game
Schüppen, HeinzHorvath, Alexander Draw 4/28/2013 Go to game
Percze, JánosSchüppen, Heinz White wins 5/26/2013 Go to game
Schüppen, HeinzSimakhin, Aleksey Konstantinovich Black wins 6/28/2013 Go to game
Wukits, RenéSchüppen, Heinz Draw 8/10/2013 Go to game
Schüppen, HeinzPfiffner, Peter Draw 2/7/2013 Go to game
Siefring, Carl L.Schüppen, Heinz White wins 9/17/2013 Go to game
Schüppen, HeinzMuñoz Moreno, Francisco Javier Draw 6/27/2013 Go to game
Vassiliev, IouriSchüppen, Heinz Draw 6/30/2013 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaFagerström, Björn Draw 1/28/2013 Go to game
Lobanov, Evgeny VasilievichLatronico, Nicola White wins 3/13/2014 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaRümmele, Michael Draw 7/19/2013 Go to game
Poljak, DuĊĦanLatronico, Nicola Draw 11/14/2013 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaPercze, János Draw 1/24/2014 Go to game
Simakhin, Aleksey KonstantinovichLatronico, Nicola White wins 9/18/2013 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaWukits, René White wins 3/12/2014 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterLatronico, Nicola White wins 1/16/2014 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaSiefring, Carl L. Draw 10/12/2013 Go to game
Muñoz Moreno, Francisco JavierLatronico, Nicola Draw 1/18/2014 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaVassiliev, Iouri Draw 3/15/2013 Go to game
Fagerström, BjörnLobanov, Evgeny Vasilievich Draw 3/29/2013 Go to game
Rümmele, MichaelFagerström, Björn Draw 2/9/2013 Go to game
Fagerström, BjörnHorvath, Alexander White wins 6/19/2013 Go to game
Percze, JánosFagerström, Björn Draw 2/15/2013 Go to game
Fagerström, BjörnSimakhin, Aleksey Konstantinovich Black wins 6/8/2013 Go to game
Wukits, RenéFagerström, Björn Draw 6/19/2013 Go to game
Fagerström, BjörnPfiffner, Peter Draw 6/7/2013 Go to game
Siefring, Carl L.Fagerström, Björn Draw 1/25/2013 Go to game
Fagerström, BjörnMuñoz Moreno, Francisco Javier White wins 9/17/2013 Go to game
Vassiliev, IouriFagerström, Björn Draw 2/17/2013 Go to game
Lobanov, Evgeny VasilievichRümmele, Michael Draw 6/7/2013 Go to game
Horvath, AlexanderLobanov, Evgeny Vasilievich Draw 2/7/2013 Go to game
Lobanov, Evgeny VasilievichPercze, János White wins 7/29/2013 Go to game
Simakhin, Aleksey KonstantinovichLobanov, Evgeny Vasilievich Draw 4/8/2013 Go to game
Lobanov, Evgeny VasilievichWukits, René White wins 12/27/2013 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterLobanov, Evgeny Vasilievich Black wins 6/7/2013 Go to game
Lobanov, Evgeny VasilievichSiefring, Carl L. Draw 1/29/2013 Go to game
Muñoz Moreno, Francisco JavierLobanov, Evgeny Vasilievich Draw 6/1/2013 Go to game
Lobanov, Evgeny VasilievichVassiliev, Iouri Draw 7/24/2013 Go to game
Rümmele, MichaelHorvath, Alexander Draw 1/19/2013 Go to game
Percze, JánosRümmele, Michael Draw 5/30/2013 Go to game
Rümmele, MichaelSimakhin, Aleksey Konstantinovich Draw 4/9/2013 Go to game
Wukits, RenéRümmele, Michael Draw 9/27/2013 Go to game
Rümmele, MichaelPfiffner, Peter Draw 7/19/2013 Go to game
Siefring, Carl L.Rümmele, Michael Draw 4/1/2013 Go to game
Rümmele, MichaelMuñoz Moreno, Francisco Javier Draw 11/12/2013 Go to game
Vassiliev, IouriRümmele, Michael Draw 8/24/2013 Go to game


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