All games from SCCA Premier 2012 Section B with status Finished


MacMillen, Andrew N.Burridge, Raymond John Draw 5/27/2012 Go to game
Edney, DavidMacMillen, Andrew N. White wins 11/16/2012 Go to game
MacMillen, Andrew N.Anderson, James White wins 8/8/2012 Go to game
Loughran, RobertMacMillen, Andrew N. Black wins 3/4/2012 Go to game
MacMillen, Andrew N.Cumming, David R. Black wins 6/23/2012 Go to game
Knox, ArthurMacMillen, Andrew N. Black wins 7/21/2012 Go to game
Burridge, Raymond JohnEdney, David Black wins 3/2/2012 Go to game
Anderson, JamesBurridge, Raymond John Draw 1/22/2012 Go to game
Burridge, Raymond JohnLoughran, Robert Draw 2/16/2012 Go to game
Cumming, David R.Burridge, Raymond John White wins 1/16/2012 Go to game
Burridge, Raymond JohnKnox, Arthur Draw 2/22/2012 Go to game
Edney, DavidAnderson, James White wins 7/19/2012 Go to game
Loughran, RobertEdney, David Black wins 9/12/2012 Go to game
Edney, DavidCumming, David R. Black wins 9/30/2012 Go to game
Knox, ArthurEdney, David Black wins 4/11/2012 Go to game
Anderson, JamesLoughran, Robert Draw 7/27/2012 Go to game
Cumming, David R.Anderson, James White wins 5/19/2012 Go to game
Anderson, JamesKnox, Arthur White wins 4/19/2012 Go to game
Loughran, RobertCumming, David R. Black wins 3/28/2012 Go to game
Knox, ArthurLoughran, Robert White wins 5/4/2012 Go to game
Cumming, David R.Knox, Arthur White wins 3/5/2012 Go to game

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