All games from Memorial "Witold Bielecki" - Preliminary 3 with status Finished


Vitale, NicolaHaller, Philipp Draw 11/10/2012 Go to game
De Meye, JozefVitale, Nicola Draw 6/11/2012 Go to game
Vitale, NicolaNigiel, Piotr Draw 7/10/2012 Go to game
Bar Ziv, ItzhakVitale, Nicola Draw 2/16/2012 Go to game
Vitale, NicolaHnatovsky, Nicholas Black defaulted 8/27/2012 Go to game
Pavel, SilviuVitale, Nicola White wins 8/3/2012 Go to game
Haller, PhilippDe Meye, Jozef Draw 12/17/2012 Go to game
Nigiel, PiotrHaller, Philipp Draw 7/1/2012 Go to game
Haller, PhilippBar Ziv, Itzhak Draw 3/17/2012 Go to game
Hnatovsky, NicholasHaller, Philipp White wins 5/20/2013 Go to game
Haller, PhilippPavel, Silviu Black wins 11/6/2012 Go to game
De Meye, JozefNigiel, Piotr Draw 9/2/2012 Go to game
Bar Ziv, ItzhakDe Meye, Jozef White wins 11/6/2012 Go to game
De Meye, JozefHnatovsky, Nicholas Draw 7/10/2013 Go to game
Pavel, SilviuDe Meye, Jozef White wins 10/21/2012 Go to game
Nigiel, PiotrBar Ziv, Itzhak White wins 1/18/2013 Go to game
Hnatovsky, NicholasNigiel, Piotr Draw 7/7/2013 Go to game
Nigiel, PiotrPavel, Silviu Draw 11/12/2012 Go to game
Bar Ziv, ItzhakHnatovsky, Nicholas Black defaulted 7/2/2012 Go to game
Pavel, SilviuBar Ziv, Itzhak White wins 8/14/2012 Go to game
Hnatovsky, NicholasPavel, Silviu Draw 8/13/2012 Go to game
Winges, MarkSossai, Silvio Draw 7/2/2012 Go to game
Sossai, SilvioDe Ridder, Michael White wins 9/6/2012 Go to game
Łucki, KamilSossai, Silvio Draw 4/15/2012 Go to game
Sossai, SilvioKlein, Mark Draw 2/20/2013 Go to game
Perevozchikov, ViacheslavSossai, Silvio White wins 2/20/2013 Go to game
Sossai, SilvioCampean, Tiberiu Black wins 5/23/2013 Go to game
De Ridder, MichaelWinges, Mark White wins 3/3/2013 Go to game
Winges, MarkŁucki, Kamil Draw 12/6/2012 Go to game
Klein, MarkWinges, Mark Black wins 6/9/2013 Go to game
Winges, MarkPerevozchikov, Viacheslav Draw 11/1/2012 Go to game
Campean, TiberiuWinges, Mark Black wins 4/17/2013 Go to game
Łucki, KamilDe Ridder, Michael White wins 9/6/2012 Go to game
De Ridder, MichaelKlein, Mark Draw 7/14/2012 Go to game
Perevozchikov, ViacheslavDe Ridder, Michael White wins 12/9/2012 Go to game
De Ridder, MichaelCampean, Tiberiu Draw 7/26/2012 Go to game
Klein, MarkŁucki, Kamil Draw 6/2/2012 Go to game
Łucki, KamilPerevozchikov, Viacheslav Draw 6/14/2012 Go to game
Campean, TiberiuŁucki, Kamil Draw 6/24/2012 Go to game
Perevozchikov, ViacheslavKlein, Mark White wins 1/16/2013 Go to game
Klein, MarkCampean, Tiberiu Draw 8/9/2012 Go to game
Campean, TiberiuPerevozchikov, Viacheslav Draw 6/29/2012 Go to game
Bigando, MauroWelti, Manfred Draw 10/3/2012 Go to game
Michiels, AndréBigando, Mauro Draw 4/10/2012 Go to game
Bigando, MauroKamiński, Janusz White wins 7/17/2012 Go to game
Findiur, IgorBigando, Mauro Draw 9/8/2012 Go to game
Bigando, MauroMoskalenko, Eduard Black wins 5/14/2012 Go to game
Helmer, JanosBigando, Mauro White wins 11/11/2012 Go to game
Welti, ManfredMichiels, André White wins 10/15/2012 Go to game
Kamiński, JanuszWelti, Manfred White wins 8/11/2013 Go to game


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