All games from 65. Championship Italy, Semifinal A with status Finished


Pellegrinon, FaustoBiasutto, Stefano White wins 11/8/2012 Go to game
Gatto, ClaudioPellegrinon, Fausto Draw 5/28/2012 Go to game
Pellegrinon, FaustoDelizia, Costantino Draw 3/9/2012 Go to game
Mauro, LucioPellegrinon, Fausto Draw 6/7/2012 Go to game
Pellegrinon, FaustoCollobiano, Alberto Draw 5/20/2012 Go to game
Alemanni, MarcoPellegrinon, Fausto Draw 4/6/2012 Go to game
Pellegrinon, FaustoCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 5/30/2012 Go to game
Giannetto, SalvatorePellegrinon, Fausto Draw 2/29/2012 Go to game
Pellegrinon, FaustoBondi, Andrea Draw 3/7/2012 Go to game
Cantelli, AlessandroPellegrinon, Fausto Draw 3/21/2012 Go to game
Biasutto, StefanoGatto, Claudio Draw 4/10/2013 Go to game
Delizia, CostantinoBiasutto, Stefano White wins 9/24/2012 Go to game
Biasutto, StefanoMauro, Lucio Draw 11/1/2012 Go to game
Collobiano, AlbertoBiasutto, Stefano Black wins 10/30/2012 Go to game
Biasutto, StefanoAlemanni, Marco Draw 1/24/2013 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoBiasutto, Stefano Draw 3/11/2013 Go to game
Biasutto, StefanoGiannetto, Salvatore Draw 5/8/2013 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaBiasutto, Stefano White wins 10/14/2012 Go to game
Biasutto, StefanoCantelli, Alessandro Draw 6/5/2012 Go to game
Gatto, ClaudioDelizia, Costantino Draw 10/14/2012 Go to game
Mauro, LucioGatto, Claudio Draw 2/27/2013 Go to game
Gatto, ClaudioCollobiano, Alberto Draw 10/13/2012 Go to game
Alemanni, MarcoGatto, Claudio White wins 9/26/2012 Go to game
Gatto, ClaudioCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 3/11/2013 Go to game
Giannetto, SalvatoreGatto, Claudio White wins 5/4/2013 Go to game
Gatto, ClaudioBondi, Andrea Black wins 9/18/2012 Go to game
Cantelli, AlessandroGatto, Claudio White wins 11/29/2012 Go to game
Delizia, CostantinoMauro, Lucio White wins 9/24/2012 Go to game
Collobiano, AlbertoDelizia, Costantino Draw 7/2/2012 Go to game
Delizia, CostantinoAlemanni, Marco White wins 4/21/2012 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoDelizia, Costantino Draw 3/16/2012 Go to game
Delizia, CostantinoGiannetto, Salvatore Draw 4/4/2012 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaDelizia, Costantino Draw 2/17/2012 Go to game
Delizia, CostantinoCantelli, Alessandro Draw 3/25/2012 Go to game
Mauro, LucioCollobiano, Alberto Draw 2/7/2013 Go to game
Alemanni, MarcoMauro, Lucio Draw 9/14/2012 Go to game
Mauro, LucioCompagnone, Gaetano Draw 3/11/2013 Go to game
Giannetto, SalvatoreMauro, Lucio Draw 6/27/2012 Go to game
Mauro, LucioBondi, Andrea Black wins 10/27/2012 Go to game
Cantelli, AlessandroMauro, Lucio Draw 4/2/2012 Go to game
Collobiano, AlbertoAlemanni, Marco Draw 7/16/2012 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoCollobiano, Alberto White wins 12/22/2012 Go to game
Collobiano, AlbertoGiannetto, Salvatore Draw 7/23/2012 Go to game
Bondi, AndreaCollobiano, Alberto White wins 8/10/2012 Go to game
Collobiano, AlbertoCantelli, Alessandro Draw 8/12/2012 Go to game
Alemanni, MarcoCompagnone, Gaetano Black wins 10/18/2012 Go to game
Giannetto, SalvatoreAlemanni, Marco White wins 11/15/2012 Go to game
Alemanni, MarcoBondi, Andrea Black wins 3/3/2012 Go to game
Cantelli, AlessandroAlemanni, Marco Draw 9/16/2012 Go to game
Compagnone, GaetanoGiannetto, Salvatore Draw 4/12/2013 Go to game


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