All games from Janis Klovans Memorial with status Finished


Spitz, PatrickHelbich, Ján Draw 6/5/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisSpitz, Patrick Draw 1/6/2013 Go to game
Spitz, PatrickMatei, Cornel Draw 9/21/2012 Go to game
Kupšys, AlfonsasSpitz, Patrick Draw 9/24/2012 Go to game
Spitz, PatrickRubinas, Pavel Draw 10/3/2012 Go to game
Dzenis, RaivoSpitz, Patrick Draw 8/3/2012 Go to game
Spitz, PatrickMokrys, Christian-Peter Draw 10/7/2012 Go to game
Avotinš, MaigonisSpitz, Patrick Draw 11/14/2012 Go to game
Spitz, PatrickOlsson, Sture Draw 8/31/2012 Go to game
Novak, JožeSpitz, Patrick Draw 9/6/2012 Go to game
Spitz, PatrickGalanov, Sergey Igorevich Draw 3/4/2012 Go to game
Pellen, MikaelSpitz, Patrick Draw 4/7/2012 Go to game
Spitz, PatrickButnorius, Algimantas Draw 11/20/2012 Go to game
Novikovas, VitalijusSpitz, Patrick Draw 4/24/2012 Go to game
Helbich, JánStrautinš, Uldis Draw 9/6/2013 Go to game
Matei, CornelHelbich, Ján Draw 6/25/2012 Go to game
Helbich, JánKupšys, Alfonsas Black wins 6/10/2012 Go to game
Rubinas, PavelHelbich, Ján Draw 6/15/2012 Go to game
Helbich, JánDzenis, Raivo Draw 10/4/2012 Go to game
Mokrys, Christian-PeterHelbich, Ján Draw 6/22/2012 Go to game
Helbich, JánAvotinš, Maigonis White wins 12/4/2012 Go to game
Olsson, StureHelbich, Ján Draw 6/5/2012 Go to game
Helbich, JánNovak, Jože Draw 8/29/2012 Go to game
Galanov, Sergey IgorevichHelbich, Ján Draw 1/4/2013 Go to game
Helbich, JánPellen, Mikael Draw 5/1/2012 Go to game
Butnorius, AlgimantasHelbich, Ján Draw 5/29/2012 Go to game
Helbich, JánNovikovas, Vitalijus Draw 5/30/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisMatei, Cornel Draw 8/8/2012 Go to game
Kupšys, AlfonsasStrautinš, Uldis Draw 5/20/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisRubinas, Pavel Draw 1/29/2013 Go to game
Dzenis, RaivoStrautinš, Uldis Draw 6/13/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisMokrys, Christian-Peter Draw 10/25/2012 Go to game
Avotinš, MaigonisStrautinš, Uldis Draw 11/24/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisOlsson, Sture Draw 7/27/2012 Go to game
Novak, JožeStrautinš, Uldis Black wins 6/18/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisGalanov, Sergey Igorevich Draw 12/8/2012 Go to game
Pellen, MikaelStrautinš, Uldis Draw 6/23/2012 Go to game
Strautinš, UldisButnorius, Algimantas White wins 12/10/2012 Go to game
Novikovas, VitalijusStrautinš, Uldis White wins 11/28/2012 Go to game
Matei, CornelKupšys, Alfonsas Draw 3/29/2013 Go to game
Rubinas, PavelMatei, Cornel Draw 9/6/2012 Go to game
Matei, CornelDzenis, Raivo Draw 7/21/2012 Go to game
Mokrys, Christian-PeterMatei, Cornel Draw 12/10/2012 Go to game
Matei, CornelAvotinš, Maigonis Draw 6/24/2013 Go to game
Olsson, StureMatei, Cornel Draw 2/10/2013 Go to game
Matei, CornelNovak, Jože Draw 8/15/2012 Go to game
Galanov, Sergey IgorevichMatei, Cornel Draw 11/19/2012 Go to game
Matei, CornelPellen, Mikael Draw 6/21/2012 Go to game
Butnorius, AlgimantasMatei, Cornel Draw 6/16/2012 Go to game
Matei, CornelNovikovas, Vitalijus Draw 11/14/2012 Go to game


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